Friday, 27 November 2015

Portable North Pole Review


We have used PNP or Portable North Pole to give it its full title, in previous years and my big kids remember it very well but this year it's even better than we've known. For £9.99 you can buy a Gold Pass which gets you...

• Unlimited premium video messages – up to 15 personalisations per video

• Unlimited calls from Santa

• 1 free HD download to keep your special video from Santa

Here's how it works, you choose from 7 different videos, things like Santa's workshop, elves singing or a Christmas Eve fly by. Then you input names, pictures and information about the child. You decide which list they are on, naughty nice or could try harder so Santa can encourage them or praise them. You can mention holidays, achievements even triumphing in tough times and add relevant pictures. The PNP Magic inserts all of your info and you get a great 5 minute movie in which Santa says your child's name and talks about how the year has been.

We love it, it's a great at way to keep the belief going, amazing value for money, it encourages them to be well behaved and rewards and reminds them of the year they've had. It's such a lovely video to watch together and my Golden Child at age 5 was mesmerised answering questions and cheering on his sisters to be on the nice list! Termite at age 2 was a little unsure at first that the bearded man knew her name but has asked to watch it again 17 times in 24 hours! Peanut at age 7 tried to be blasé but magically still believes and this just helped cement the joy!

You can even arrange a phonecall from the man himself! Or personalise a birthday message!


PNP also have online games, birthday and Christmas eve messages and even Portable North Pole Greeting cards which are available from Tesco and can be sent with a special personalised video message which is accessed by a unique code sent with the card and they donate 5% of all online sales to 40 children’s hospitals across the world – 4 based in the UK

PNP are holding a Christmas Twitter Frenzy on Thursday, 3rd December, at 1.30 pm can join in all the fun and perhaps bag a prize or two as well! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #PortableNorthPole



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