Thursday, 22 October 2015

What Blogging Means To Me

Why did I start blogging and what does it mean to me?


Well I started because of this lot...

And what does it mean? Well that's a bit more long-winded, let me explain the purpose of this post.


This morning I have to sit in front of a camera and talk about what blogging means to me, I'm doing this because I've been shortlisted in the North East Blogger Awards, Parenting Category. I'm not sure if I told you already? I did oh well in that case , just once more (pahahaha) ....

Ok back to the serious issue, anyone who knows me will tell you they think I'm self confident, but I'm really not, I have crippling stage fright I once went on a game show on TV and couldn't speak, I mean I could not say anything. I had all the answers in my head but I was frozen! I just looked like someone had pressed pause!

So the idea of telling a stranger with a camera what blogging means to me is terrifying to say the least.

With that in mind, just in case I come across as an amoeba brained fool, I'm going to write it here, then you'll all know.

Before I had kids, and even while I was pregnant, the idea of a 'mummy friend' seemed bonkers to me. I mean honestly why would I be friends with someone purely based on the fact that we both pushed a human from our body? That's just bonkers. And then I had a baby and discovered that motherhood is amazing and brilliant and rewarding and lovely AND, the loneliest place in the world sometimes. So I ventured to a group, and I made some mummy pals and you know what, they rock! Mummy pals (sorry I know there are dads who do the bulk of child rearing, who go to these groups but I've not encountered any in my groups, so for this post it's only Mummy's) don't get bored of hearing how tough your night was, or discussing the best weaning technique or how to stop baby biting you on the boob (true story!)

They don't want to roll their eyes when you talk about the upcoming baby event in Asda, or that John Lewis' clearance sale has a buggy at 70% off, they will gladly sniff your baby's bottom if there's an odour in baby sensory and you are across the room, they also understand that when you say your child has been a nightmare you aren't actually being mean or unreasonable you do still love them, they won't judge, and when you admit you ate take out again last night for the third time she won't judge, she'll nod knowing that that meant an hour less in the kitchen and ask where you ordered from!

Mummy friends are also the best source of information on purchases, I didn't know about microwave dummy sterilisers that double as storage or gro-blinds or insulated bottle carriers until a pal told me. She didn't know about Amber remedies, teething powders or the joy of The Wiggles ! So we share tips and swap sleep deprivation stories and that's when you realise that it does actually 'take a village to raise a child' and to me that's what this is, this community I have through my blog and my social media it's like a village, we share and learn we help each other out.

Alongside that, blogging is bringing back my confidence! Before kids I worked in a Theatre and would happily chat with anyone, I'd negotiate and deal with people with assertiveness and kindness. But taking a huge break from work shook my confidence a little, imagine if you will that was made worse by having another baby rather swiftly, by swiftly I mean I was pregnant before I went back to work! (sorry boss) so in the space of 3 years, maternity leave and pregnancy related sick leave meant I only worked around 4 months so my second return to work was harder again, I felt out of the loop, like an outsider and I found I couldn't even chat with visiting cast and then being forced to leave a job I had loved even though it was for an amazing reason affected me even more. So I found myself wondering if the old Me would return or was she gone forever.
Starting blogging has steadily brought back my professional confidence, I will happily negotiate with SEO and PR companies and network with brands and new people and let me tell you, 3 years ago that sentence would have brought me out in an icy sweat! I've made load of new friends and become part of a community so helpful and supportive that almost everyone is keen to share tips and help you achieve your goals. I've grown so much I've even helped create a network to support North East Bloggers!!
So in short, well it wasn't short at all, blogging makes me feel like I might make a difference even if it's just to one person and it's also helped me find the old me again. So without sounding too cheesy this nomination and being a blogger mean the world and I'm right honoured indeed
Now I'm off to have a soppy cry into my cuppa! Thanks for reading my waffle again and feel free to leave a comment so I don't feel like I'm rambling to no one ha ha.



  1. That's it, that's exactly what it's like being a mummy! And a brilliant blogger you are too. Good luck with your video!

  2. What a lovely read, I'm so glad you got shortlisted, it was well deserved!

    1. Ah thanks, if I'm honest I still think they've made a mistake !!!!

  3. Good luck with the awards. This is a lovely post and thanks for being so honest x

  4. A big congratulations of the nomination and good luck in the awards. It's so lovely to hear other peoples stories of blogging and writing :-)

  5. Ah I love this post Karen - Good luck, it's almost time!!