Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Hey Duggee Magazine

If you've watched Hey Duggee on CBeebies, then you like me, will currently be humming the theme tune in your head! Needless to say we are big Duggee fans here at Monkeyfeet HQ we already have some toys so we were excited to be offered a sneak peak at the new Hey Duggee magazine.



The magazine arrived to great delight and was promptly the source of great entertainment, Termite took off with the free gifts, a chef hat a Roly finger puppet and some cooking toys. I'm afraid they've now been hidden away from the big kids in her bedroom and may not be seen for a while! 



The big two proceeded to read the whole thing from cover to cover, using all the stickers, making the hey Duggee hair styler and planning our Duggee biscuit making.



There's a pull out badge chart to display all your badges, this weeks is the 'Cake Badge' which is the theme of this magazine. The magazine supports early years learning so is crammed with great fun quizzes, stories which teach co-ordination, colour matching, reading and many other skills.


The Magazine is released monthly and is priced at £2.75 which in my humble opinion is a teeny price tag for a couple of hours entertainment for three kids!

Overall, we loved it, it's easy for the kids (5 and 6) to read and the activities are fun, I liked the pull out recipe and sticker chart the kids loved the stickers and everyone is excited to make the biscuits!

Don't forget to tell me what you think of the magazine if you get a hold of a copy. I love to hear your thoughts. 



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