Thursday, 29 October 2015

Error 404 at Northern Stage

We love a trip to the Theatre I'm sure you have guessed already, so we were happy to have the chance to see two shows this half term, today's offering was  Error 404 at Northern Stage

The show is aimed at ages 8 and up but our party are 5, nearly 6 and nearly 7 and they sat perfectly enthralled through the whole show. Daniel Bye plays the part of a ten year old boy who loses his best pal, filled with sadness and emptiness he comes home from a particularly awful school day to find a package from his mum. Inside is a robot! Could this be his pal? Is it possible?

Th show is part scripted and part audience directed so I cant tell you exactly what will happen when you go, but we had some great suggestions from the audience creating some very interesting ideas.

My three guests today said 'we felt sad, happy, and thought it was really good but didn't like the sadness as it made us want to cry'  

I loved watching the show and found myself getting involved in the decisions too! At an hour long its just perfectly timed for anyone over 5 or 6yrs I would say. Its easy to follow is very much like listening to a story as there is only one performer and so is perfect for our little people but very cleverly performed so as not to be boring.

The show will be at Northern Stage on Friday 30th October at 11am and 2pm and is well worth a visit if you can get there, you can book with box office on 0191 2305151,  if not the tour can be seen on Friday 27th November, 10.30am + 1.30pm; Saturday 28th November, 11.30am + 2.30pm, ARC, Stockton. Tickets here

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  1. Ah I just love Northern Stage - this show looks fab - it's always risky taking younger children than the recommended age but it looks like your gamble paid off xx