Friday, 25 September 2015

Thermos Review

I have a real penchant for food storage! Sad I know but I have a truly huge collection of Tupperware, food storage, travel mugs, drinks bottles... The list is long and my cupboards are full! So I was more than happy to try out the premium range from Thermos and instantly fell in love with this Cherry Blossom range, and didn't need to dither over my order, a flask and a food flask in this print would be perfect for my allotment days.

Sadly it appears most of the country must love it too as it was out of stock but I was sent some classic red and black alternatives

Keen to put them through their paces, I've used the food flask  for hot and cold treats and can confirm they do indeed stay hot for ages or cool for ages, in fact I used the food flask to take my own soup to the Mother In Law's (being good on my diet you know!) and  didn't finish it all yet when I came to clean the flask, the soup was still hot enough to enjoy 8 hours later!!!

The drinks flask fits plenty in and keeps the contents piping. With a decent sized cup it's a great addition to digging breaks at the allotmen.

Overall I think these are worth thier price tag, the are sturdy, robust and do exactly what they say they will, unlike some cheap brands who's products barely keep your tea tepid and leak all over your bag! 

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