Friday, 4 September 2015

Play Time At Brewers Fayre

You may remember we've reviewed activities at Brewers Fayre before so we were happy to pop along to the newly refurbished play area at Wessington Way.

The company have just spent over £100,000 creating a brand new play area and as always there's emphasis on Beano, with Dennis the Menace featuring strongly.

The play area is set on two levels and is really quite big with plenty of space to run wild. There are little tikes cars and a toddler area, an activity den and lots of things to climb in in or over.




We went as a party of 11 and the 5 kids in attendance had lots of fun. There were a couple of things I would improve, one was a magnetic locking system for the door to the play zone so that our little darlings are contained safely. But having spoken to the general manager that's one thing they'll be looking at installing soon.


The other, and this was felt across all the parents in the party, was that no adults are allowed in the upper level of the play area, now I'm no soft play afficianado but according to my play savvy pals all of our local play areas allow adults in to assist smaller children. I understand there are safety guidelines but I think in light of the Wessingtons new toddler mornings which will run every weekday morning this rule may need to be a flexible one or they could be some stuck toddlers losing their minds at the top of the slide.



The play area was clean and spacious and I loved the new carpet and the Dennis decorations.


I also loved this 'win a prize every time' grabber game. No more screaming meltdowns at the unfairness of grabbers that don't grab!


We each had a main and dessert chosen from a menu with a large selection of choice, we all enjoyed our meals, piping hot, plentiful portions and a good standard of pub grub. Brewers Fayre hold buffets nights through the week with themes like curry, Mexican, fish and chips etc which seem great value for money.


Overall we had a fun afternoon and would recommend for a family meal or shopping break!


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