Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Morning Routine for Schooldays

Here's our morning routine on school holidays

  • Everyone climb in mammy's bed
  • Choose a movie to watch while Mammy and Daddy have a cuppa
  • If it's an especially lazy day have breakfast in bed
  • Think about getting ready and going out......
I love the holidays and honestly hate the kids going back to school, but the reality is holidays don't last forever and school mornings return all too quickly, and with that comes the need to get 3 people dressed, 5 people fed, lunch made, kitchen cleared and out the house by 8.40. Now I'm no morning person but if I need to be somewhere I'm up and running straight away. Not so for the rest of team Monkeyfeet! I have a family of late wakers, slow starters and grumpy morning heads!

So we have a Vastly different (and regimented) routine on a school day, which I thought I'd share it with you.

Our morning routine starts before we get ready for bed

  • Lay table for breakfast

  • Soak oats in milk in the fridge ready for morning
  • Pack and prepare school bags shoes and coats
  • Pack after school activity bags
  • Make lunch for the Mr. If he's at uni
  • Check dinner planner and ensure we have defrosted whatever is needed
  • Choose clothes for the morning and lay them out
  • Shower or bath and bed


7.00am wake up and have a snuggle to talk about the plan for the day, then clean teeth and wash faces

7.30am downstairs to bedrooms to get dressed and shoes on

7.45am downstairs for breakfast (aprons on)

8.00am hair brushed teeth cleaned

8.15 /8.30am kids can watch TV or play if they are all ready to go

8.40am coats on and out

I'd like you to know this is the ideal chain of events, pepper it with a few 'just put your pants on', 'why are you playing with toys still in your nightie', 'if you don't get downstairs now You'll not have time for breakfast' and 'I WILL MAKE YOU WALK TO SCHOOL IN BARE FEET IF YOU DO NOT PUT ON YOUR SHOES!!' and you have a more accurate picture of some mornings, especially at the end of the week.

But I find having the same routine on a school day/night helps things run a bit more smoothly. What does your morning routine look like ?


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  1. I envy your routine! Here is mine, my kids are 16, 10 and 6. 16yr old gets up at 6!!!! I know!!! She gets her breakfast, spends an hour on her hair and makeup and takes the dog for a walk. About once a week I get a collection of mugs and bowls and unidentified growths brought downstairs. 10yr old is up at half 7 and makes herself food, husband gets up and fixes 6yr old breakfast. I get up at 8 and run around collecting clothes and throwing them in rooms. Children are bundled into coats and thrown down the stairs hopefully landing in the car. Then I wave them all off and do the "youve all gone, doooooo" dance.

  2. I love this! Im going to start getting more prepared the night before - I think that will make a huge difference and significantly reduce the nagging haha! Great post xxx