Sunday, 13 September 2015

Festival of Thrift #RailwayThrift Challenge

We love a bit of craft at Monkeyfeet HQ and I especially love a bit of thriftiness so we were more than happy to take part in this competition from a Festival of Thrift to design something railway themed from recycled boxes.....

The Festival of Thrift is the UK’s national celebration of sustainable living. After winning the Arts and Culture category of the Observer Ethical Awards 2015, it will return to its founding host site Lingfield Point in Darlington on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 September 2015. This year Festival organisers are poised to bring together nationally known scrimpers, leading and emerging artists, musicians amongst special installations, demonstrations, debates, workshops and stalls offering upcycled, recycled, sustainable and of course thrifty goods in Darlington to help communities towards a happier, more sustainable way of living.

A huge planning meeting was called with our best crafting pals and gathering all of our boxes together we had lots, and that's when it started to get BIG! We designed a huge long train with a carriage for everyone and even funnels (Termite here is showing her dissatisfaction at not being the driver)

Now all we needed was some paint and tape and we'd be all set for the big train-tastic reveal. Sadly I must tell you that the arrival of builders to remove the roof added to a forgetful mammy and rain amounted to a pile of painty soggy mush!


Back to a much smaller drawing board I let my three go nuts with what we had, a cereal box and some loo roll insides!) and I present to you.....


Monkeyfeet Metro powered by air (see the straws)



which will take you on a scenic tour of 'glitter duck Lake'



All the way to the Festival of Thrift, that's bunting along the top by the way!


We had such fun and created such mess, if you like to see what the festival is about then pop along (and see some much better thriftier and less soggy creations) on 26-27th September.



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