Tuesday, 15 September 2015

CBeebies Land Review and Giveaway

I used to love Alton Towers, back in the days of child free rollercoaster riding! But i must say my rollercoaster days have dwindled as I seem to have developed some anxiety about riding them now? I do however love the joy on my kids faces when we go to a good theme park so I was happy as can be to visit Cbeebies Land at Alton Towers as part of this years staycation. You can read about our Woodland Lodge accomodation here

Now Cbeebies Land is really only a very small part of Alton Towers but there's so much going on you could easily (and we did) spend most of the day there. With rides like Postman Pats Mail Sort, In The Night Garden Magical Boat Ride, Tree Top Adventure and lots more there really is a great deal to see. You can use this interactive map to check out all the rides.

With the exception of Octonauts Roller Coaster we didn't feel restricted on any of the activities with our kids aged 6,5 and 2. Obviously there are height restrictions but most all of the rides are fine for little littles with an adult. We managed to go on everything on offer with many different opinions of  favourites, My husband loved Mr Bloom which sadly  I couldn't  go see as Termite was napping and you cant take prams inside so I had to just wait outside, admittedly I was perfectly happy soaking up the sun while the Mr and the big two played with the veggies. 
I loved going on Octonauts Rollercoaster with Peanut, it was so funny to see her reaction on her first rollercoaster ride ever, but my favourite thing by far was the magic of it all! The kids showed such awe and wonder watching the characters walk about or having pictures with them. 

Because the costumes are great quality ant the staff inside stay true to character it was lovely to see the amazement beam out of my kids faces! The shows were fab too,With Nina and The Neurons, Mike the Knight and  Zingzillas  all set in the Big Fun Show Time Area.


This is a big arena with shaded areas, plenty of space to sit, loads of activities and this is where you can pose for pictures and meet your favourite characters. My termite would have spent her whole day here in fact she tried to convince Iggle Piggle he was coming home with us


 The Golden Boy was chuffed to bits to meet Capatain Barnacles


and although she claims to be a big girl now, the look of joy on Peanuts face when Upsy Daisy gave her a hug was worth a billion pounds.

You see until she was around 4 my Peanut carried Upsy and Iggle every where she went and I mean EVERYWHERE. Those two have been on holidays, day trips, and doctors visits no to mention the nightly need to be tucked into bed together. So I think we caught Peanut just in time to feel the magic. I know you are all aware that I'm a soft clart anyway but I did spend best part of the day with watery eyes from the joy of watching the kids have such fun!

Alton Towers itself  has lots to offer with rides suitable for children over 1.1 mtr and even some that can be accompanied by adults under this height. There's things to see and place to eat but sadly we fell so in love with CBeebies that we didn't make it to the rest of the park! In hindsight we should have arranged 2 days in the park. Never mind though I'm so taken with this visit that I'm planning already for the next visit!

We found that some of the queues could be up to an hour but actually you can have a wander choose a quieter ride and try again later, its especially good to try the more popular rides at lunch time and early afternoon, a time when people are eating or kids are napping in prams. This is when we found we could just walk into most of the rides! We didn't queue long at all for Postman Pat, Sensory Garden was quiet and Mr Bloom was just about to start so they walked straight in and started feeding Compo! For the rides where there are queues you can take advantage of site wide free wifi and lean on the electronic babysitter also know as the iPad  if things get tough! 

Overall we give CBeebies at Alton Towers 5/5 !! We loved every bit of it! 

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