Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Happy Second Birthday Termite

Happy Birthday to my darling smallest girl, I can of course wax lyrical explainng how time has zoomed by and how if i think about it long enough I could cry at the speed with which you babyhood has passed by, how it feels like only 5 minutes since you were snuggled in my arms and I was feeling like I could take on the world having just had the homebirth I'd been dreaming of!


But thats al a bit obvious, all mums feel like those early days have zoomed (although thats not how we feel at 4am!) so let me tell you that you are a bright clever, kind girl, you share everything without being prompted, you have beautiful manners and the funny way you say Thankyou so it sounds like 'shankoo' makes me smile so much as does the way you say 'welcome' when someone says Thanks to you. I love how you count whenever anyone else does and how you learn so fast and converse so well. You girs certainly take after Mammy with your chatter box tendencies.


Most of all though you should know that you are amazing! You have taught me just as much about being a Mam as your brother and sister, so never think that being third is any less important than being first or second. I love that you are my hippy baby, hardly ever away from my side, breast fed past a year and mostly a visitor in our bed for the first 20 months of your life but the biggest revelation of all these things is that you are the happiest most content and independent 2 year old Ive know, obviously the complete lack of concern that I 'should be' training you to sleep, or teaching you to be independent  and my complete opposite actions  of those theorys has given you exactly what you need. The knowledge that we are here and you can go explore knowing we will be right behind you!


You are so lovely to your brother and sister and they in turn allow you much more leniency than I could have hoped for, sharing toys, finding out what you need and bringing it to you and taking great pleasure in being the one to make you giggle or smile.


Thankyou for two years of truly wonderful cuddles, funny moments, cat impressions and untold learning


We love you Termite you are the perfect completion of our happy family, Happy Birthday Smiler



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  1. Lovely post - happy birthday Termite! I think you definitely never stop learning when you're a parent. Love the photo of the three of them sun bathing x