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Finn Eduard's Birth Story

To continue my Birth Storys feature I'm pleased to share today my lovely pal AK's story of her first born Finn Eduard, AK blogs over at My Buggy Junction

I had my first sweep on Wednesday 28th when I was 10 days overdue and the MW told me I was 1-2 cm dilated.
Thursday I was meant to come in but I decided that I want to wait another day (just in case bump decided to finally come out!!) to see if something would happened on its own, already done all of the pineapple and curry eating I could stomach over the last week!
So on Friday afternoon I reluctantly went to the birth centre again after a convincing and rather comical phone call I had earlier in the morning with “Idiaky” the Spanish male MW who told me I got 2 choices I can stay at home and pray for a wonder that the baby will come out before the induction or I will have to have all the drugs in the world and a slow long labor to get this baby finally out on the weekend. Followed by a question if I tried making love to my babies daddy yet which I replied no because my mother is here so rather to the amusement of Mr. C. he told me to put him on loudspeaker to tell my mum to walk around the block 3 times!
When we got there Idiaky and a student MW welcomed us and she did the 2. Sweep on me, like agreed beforehand I let him check me after she done the sweep just to be 100% sure she was right and he confirmed that I was 3-4 cm dilated by that point (I am sure it had something to do with his big hand!!)
With the induction day glooming (scheduled for Saturday) my hopes for a “normal” water birth slowly slid away and I try to get use to the fact that I might have a long day ahead of labor ahead of me.
Friday evening i had some of the family around and after dinner my mum suggested a walk (which we did religiously up to 3 times a day since my mum arrived on bumps due date.
A few minutes into the walk i could feel contractions coming and going and timed them lasting 30sec every 8min. Mr. C.´s Family just thought it was nothing but I defiantly didn’t have those kind of period like pains before in the last few days so I took it as a positive sign that the sweep might have done the trick and something is slowly moving forward.
After a bath and a call to the birth centre i was ready to leave at 0.30am in the morning with my contractions being 3 in 10min apart. Whilst I stood in the doorway ready to leave the house Mr. C. stood in front of the Wardrobe and couldn't decided what t-shirt to put in with his shorts (and they say woman take long to get ready!) I just flipped (overdue pregnant woman are allowed to do so) and told him that its not a bloody fashion show and to get on with it I am having a baby!!!
After finally arriving at the birth centre (just if you are wondering Mr. C. decided on a brown t-shirt) I got examined to be told I was 5 cm dilated. At 2pm i got into the pool and after the first contraction the midwife ask me if i want to have any gas & air, brave as I wanted to sound said no thank you I try without it.
Yeah right! 2 seconds later with the next contraction coming on I was hooked on that stuff and no I didn't share it with Mr. C. although it would have maybe helped him calm down a bit he was pretty nervous not knowing what will be next.
Just after 3pm my water broke (my brain was a sieve by then but luckily mum is my walking diary when it came to times in my labor) and I had this instant urge to push not knowing if I am allowed to just as it happens non of my 3 attending midwifes where in the room at that time to tell me what to do. Once they returned and checked me again she told me to go for it because I am fully dilated.
I was really glad they examined me in the water because I think I wouldn't have handled “dry land” by that point well at all!
After a long 1 ½ hrs of pushing and what seemed like a lifetime to me our baby finally arrived and after I fished it out of the water we saw that we where proud parents to a baby BOY!! After cuddles and kisses Finn took it up to himself just minutes old to say hello to his Daddy with gripping his tiny hand around his finger.
After all the hard work Mr. C. needed to have a sit down on the floor and a strong coffee to get over the shock of ME giving birth!
Finn took onto my breast straight away and he feed for 1 hour and had a good sleep afterwards unlike me who couldn’t stop looking at him and worrying if I would fall asleep I might not hear him waking up. Iam still chuffed to pieces, overwhelmed and cant believe Iam the mum of this sweet little thing.
We tend to call him little king Finn now after having 3 midwifes my mum and me present when he arrived on this earth he couldn't ask for more girls attention in his first few minutes of his life!!

Finn Eduard born 31.07.2010 at 4.28am * 8lbs 11 ½ oz * 56 cm

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  1. What a lovely birth story. I always wanted a water birth but it never worked out for me, I was induced both times. Horrible experiences and there are few things that make me like the idea of having another baby but if I could guarantee the birth I wanted then I'd do it like a shot. But as I can't, we'll stick with two!xx