Sunday, 30 August 2015

Cool Create Frozen Review

You've got to be living under a rock if you've not yet had the songs from Frozen ingrained into your brain right? Well obviously Frozen is big news STILL in our house, I'd thought that after almost 2 years the novelty would have worn off but it truly hasnt so there was much excitemed when we were asked to review this great creative Frozen themed range

Frozen Fun Tiles Jewellery Box - Peanuts favourite by far, this jewellery box is really pretty and comes with lots of jewels to stick on the picture to turn the box into a mosaic creation. It kept us all busy for quite some time, even little Termite who loved being involved and even did very well to match the foam square properly into their right positions. Definitely a cool (see what I did there?) activity for all the family to get involved with.


Frozen Fairy Lights - This was one of the quickest creations to make, it was so simple that we all got involved, you push out the pre cut shapes, decorate with stickers and colour then they slot onto fairy lights to create different shape simple but a really effective and pretty end result, I was actually so impressed that I've told The Golden Child he can spend his piggy bank money on this mosaic Frozen nightlight he saw, at least i know hes buying something he will get use from!



Frozen Shaker Maker - this was my favourite of the three items, you get a measured amount of plaster of paris and two moulds which fit into the shaker pour warm water to the line on the shaker, sprinkle in the plaster,swirl, shake, open and leave! in about an hour you have a statuette ready to paint it even comes with two stands so you can display them perfectly. I loved how there was no measuring or weighing which means no mess and the kids really did all of the work themselves. This is a definite win for me although it would be nice to have a few more bags of plaster, there was only enough for two moulds which with three kid creates some issues!



Over all we were very impressed, these simple to make kits provided a whole day of entertainment and the results were lovely and longlasting.

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  1. We are still NOT into Frozen. Much to my dismay!! Looks like you all had lots of fun xx

  2. I want the Frozen fairy lights and I'm 30! They all look like pretty easy and fun kits to use. Great reviews

  3. Got to love a shaker maker! Heidi loves frozen - this would be her dream day I think x