Thursday, 23 July 2015

Once Upon A Time Princess Rose Peppa Review

There are some certainty's of parenthood, poop, sleep deprivation, parental guilt, you get my drift? You'll probably know then that for most, Peppa Pig is one of those parenting certainty's . So it goes without saying that all three of my children have loved Peppa. Add to that my Termites current love for 'ringa' (Ring a ring a Rosie, to you and I) and we couldn't have chosen a better gift for her!



Once Upon A Time Princess Rose Peppa Is a soft plush Peppa in a beautiful dress but the magic is that she sings Ring a Rosie but only if you hold both her hands! The kids have loved making Peppa sing and this is a fab toy for littlies, making the connection can be a little frustrating while they are getting the hang of what to do but soon enough Termite was spinning circles in the living room squealing with delight! Peppa is such a hit she's even replaced Olaf as the bedtime toy of choice as you can see in this video...



Priced at £19.99 this is at the top end of soft toy prices for us but it's really very interactive and lots of fun, if you have a Peppa fan in your house this is a great buy. It takes co ordination, memory and patience to get the whole song so it's a winner on all fronts for us.

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