Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Magical Marmaris

 Beautiful Turkey

Marmaris is one of Turkey's most popular resorts, especially with the young, and young at heart. But dont let that put you off, Mamaris has so much to offer that no matter what you like to do on holiday I'm sure you will find it here. So here are  our top 5 thisngs to do when you are staying in Marmaris (in no particular order)
Obviously one of my favourite things in the world! Marmaris is a shopping haven, You can buy almost anything your heart desire, clothes, food, shoes, bags, technology, carpets ornaments and souvenirs and of course Turkish Delight. In every flavour you could imagine, you can walk into a Turkish delight shop and be greeted with floor to ceiling displays of beautiful flavours. Most Turkish delight shops will be happy to let you try before you buy and in our experience most shopkeepers will be happy to make you a cup of tea or Turkish coffee and chat about their wares! Hospitality here is offered in abundance

From Marmaris you can get numerous boat trips and Ferry's but one that is truly not to be missed is the opportunity to sail to Rhodes, the boat will dock in Rhodes harbour right in the heart of Rhodes Town, here you can wander through the old town stopping for refreshments and food in the square, looking at the architecture or just watching the world go by. A walk around town will show you the bustling city that Rhodes Town is, as you see all the big shops bars and restaurants on offer. Steeped in history and bustling with activity Rhodes is definitely worth a visit
Turkish Baths
If you've never tried a traditional Turkish Bath, then this is one to pop at the top of your to do list, pop along to a Hamam where you will be given a cotton wrap and taken through to the steam room where you can douse yourself with water and relax while your pores open, then you will recline on a 'gobektasi' a large warm marble slab, here you will be exfoliated and then covered in rich foamy lather and massaged gently awakening all those tired muscles. After a shower you will wrap up in a fluffy towel and relax in a cool room where you will be offered drinks. Your body will be fully prepared for the gorgeous Turkish sunshine and I bet you'll want to go back again.

Another favourite of mine! Whether you want savoury or sweet, a snack or a banquet Turkey has something for everyone, with lots of meat dishes, kebabs or kofta and plenty of Meze on offer with dips galore like hummus, baba ganoush and tashi. Dolma (stuffed vegetables or vine leaves) meatballs and stews and casseroles, there is so much on offer and once again Turkish hospitality will be at the forefront of any dining experience, you will not regret sitting down in a local eatery and getting to know the staff and the gorgeous food on offer

Marmaris Castle and Museum
Estimated to be over 5000 years Marmaris Catle is one of very few Turkish castles with a museum. The castle itself is set in a gorgeous location with stunning panormas, the archaeology lounge houses  artefact's belonging to the Helenistic, Roman and Byzantium era and earthenware, glassware works, coins and ornaments from the diggings of Knidos, Hisaronu and Burgaz region are exhibited. In the ethnography lounge there are displays of, carpets, furniture, copper, weapons and ornaments belonging to the Ottoman era. The castle and museum makes a great day out and is the perfect way to learn more about the history
I hope this has given an insight into how much turkey has to offer, have you been before? I'd love to hear your highlights....

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  1. I would love to go back to Turkey one year - I was never that keen but after our lovely hol a few years ago my mind has definitely been changed x