Thursday, 30 July 2015

Easy Nails- Nail Spa Review

The Easy Nails Nail Spa is aimed at children aged 5yrs+ and boasts the ability to provide fashionable painted nails in under ten minutes. You simply choose your polish, pop your finger on the rest then relax while the nail spa does the work, then decorate with glitter and gems,

I'm not a huge fan of nail varnish for children but Peanut is six and a half now and most of her friends are allowed to wear it in the holidays and on a weekend so I thought we'd give this a shot, you see my girl gets very frustrated when she can't get things perfect, and knowing how hard painting your own nails can be I thought this sounded like a great VERY special treat. To be able to do her own nails would be a huge novelty for her.

The set comes in a suitcase style box and contains the nail spa, 2 polishes, glitter gems, spare brushes and instructions. It's all fairly easy to set up use and I think the age guide of 5+ is pretty much spot on for usability, although my personal choice would be a bit older for actual nail varnish use, but I know lots of parents are happy to let their kids wear it.

You just press one button to dip the robotic arm into the nail varnish the press another to paint nails, you can see it in action in this video

As you can see it takes a few strokes to paint the whole nail so there is a degree of patience and persistence needed.

For me it was quite frustrating as the range and rotation of the arm and finger rest wasn't wide enough to paint my whole nail. However for a child's nail it's fine. Peanut found it hilarious to have a robot paint her nails and it provided a great deal of entertainment. Priced at £29.99 it's quite expensive for a nail painting set and for us this would have to be a birthday or Christmas wish list gift.

We liked how you can use your own nail varnish in the holder, and the sparkles and gems we're, obviously, a big hit here. I think time will be the biggest test for this item, I'm not sure whether this will lose its novelty or just make peanut want her nails painted every weekend....

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