Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Bugs n Stuff Party Review

This post has been a long time coming, as we arranged our bug party for The Golden Child's birthday at the end of June.

I've got to tell you I'm not the biggest fan of beastie bugs but my boy, after much deliberation asked if he could have a bug party. Being the awesome mammy I am I continued my pretence of loving all of God's creatures (even though some are just bleurgh) and promptly arranged for Guy (Mr Bugs n Stuff) to bring around a more "stuff" than bugs in his selection as the golden child has an acquired fear of spiders (not from me I hasten to add). Guy was really cool about our picky-ness and totally understood

Guy arrived with a freezer box (I'm sure it was much more specialised but that's what it looked like) and a big rug. We've a fab contained (translate to small) garden here at Monkeyfeet HQ and as it was a lovely day we all sat outside for the party.

Guy was great with the kids, and grown ups, explaining that if you didn't want to touch or be close to any of his wee beastie pals then just fold your arms and he'd pass straight by.

The Golden Child demonstrating the 'arm fold'

We then spent a really fast moving hour learning about, stick insects, tarantulas, geckos, snakes, cockroaches, bearded dragons, snails millipedes and much more! Guy has travelled the world and spent the last 30 years breeding, researching and teaching people about insects and reptiles. So he's full of knowledge and great facts, happy to answer all questions.

The Golden Child had a fab time and showed real courage touching a large selection of things he thought he hated and all of his pals seemed to have a great time too, there were lots of questions and lots of information, but because it was all so interactive the kids just didn't realise how much they were learning, did you know lizards have ears? I didn't and they are ears like we have, more like holes in the side of its head! And a millipede has two pairs of legs for each ring in his body?

The party passed so quickly because everyone was having such fun and at £65 I couldn't fault the value, The Golden Child got a great party bag with giant jelly bugs, badges, toys stickers and a big bug poster. Everyone was entertained and the kids were literally glued to Guy for the whole time, by the time I'd dished up pizza and chips then jelly and ice cream (going old school!) we sang happy birthday and it was home time!! I'm going to say a huge Thankyou to all the mummies who helped with all the things that need doing at a party, I always get a fab sense of sisterhood in these situations, I do love a bit of girl power! Of course a massive Thankyou as well to the amazing Guy!

I'm so pleased we chose Bugs n Stuff and I'm happy to recommend them to anyone.

We're going on an adventure

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  1. Looks like a fab party for kids - I'm not so sure I could be as brave as they are and have the bug crawl around my arm! I bet this party was the talk of the playground as it's something a little different isn't it. #LoveNorthEast

  2. Love it! I had Bugs'n'stuff a couple of years ago too, Guy is a friend of mine and he is amazing! read my review here too. I can't recommend highly enough!