Monday, 20 July 2015

Beados Gems - Gem Desinger Studio


My peanut loves anything creative so I had a feeling we'd be onto a winner with this Beados Gem Desinger Studio The idea is that you follow a pattern to make bead pictures then magically the beads stick together with just a spquirt of water and a bit of time! No mess no fuss and NO BATTERIES!

The set was easy to put together although I'd highly recommend pouring the beads in whilst the dispenser is standing on a tray or in a box, lesson learned that dropped beads can travel a disproportionate distance when not contained!

You choose a template and place it under the bead tray then follow the pattern to make a shape, spray water on let it dry and then et voila your very own design ready and waiting. The dispenser works by storing coloured beads which you release into a tube and then dispense by pressing a button whilst holding the dispenser in the appropriate spot.

The set is aged at 4+ personally I think this is dependant on your child's temperament, making the bead pictures takes a degree of patience and concentration but my two played nicely with it and took on the challenge of careful placement on the beads with gusto! Peanut has played with similar sets from being 3yrs old with no problem but the golden child has really only just mastered the coordination and patience to sit long enough to create anything.

I love that the kids had to plan and count out colours so there's an educational benefit to this, I love that the dispensing tube means no more frustrated paddy's at not being able to get the beads (we've used a different brand's version which came only with tweezers, very tricky indeed!!!).

I'd prefer to see a way to click together the bead tray and the dispenser to stop the many restarts due to knocking the tray sideways!

Peanut loved making jewellery and different 'charms' and the golden child just loved dispensing the beads and creating anything!

At £19.99 This would make a fab gift and has lots of beads so there's plenty of use in it Plus a huge bead refill is only £4.99 so this toy could provide years of fun!


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  1. This looks like a lot of fun! Certainly something my girls would love. x

  2. this looks like lots of fun something that would keep children busy for hours I am going to have to keep this in mind for a Christmas present! #triedtested