Sunday, 12 July 2015

38 things about being 38

So this week I had a birthday, I'm (mumbles) 38! Here are 38 things that are different to what I expected about my life 20 years ago, things that surprised me, life lessons, basically 38 random and probably rambling facts.


1- Those 'older' women I used to silently scoff at when I was in my 20s for shopping in John Lewis and driving a huge people carrier and living on a family estate... I'm now one of them

2- The mum I thought I'd be is no where near the hippy dippy mum I am!

3 - The body I hated when I was in my twenties, deserved much nicer thoughts than it got from me.

Look at that un-wrinkled clear complexioned face!!!

4- The soft, squishy, baby maker/feeder that is my body now, gets much kinder thoughts than I would have imagined I'd give it .

5- Spiders still make my skin crawl but they no longer make me cry with fear, who knew pushing a human out of my body would almost cure my arachnophobia

6- Carrot stains, permanently!

7- True friends are worth hanging on to even when life takes you down differing paths

8- cliche... Life is short

9- Trying to find a silver lining will always make things seem less bleak and will make Life feel easier

10- Life is full of crappy moments that you think will break you, most will just make you stronger

11 - A long walk in fresh air can help make the crappy things feel more sorted in your head and less crappy!

12 - Your heart will break, possibly more than once, you will lose people who mean the world to you, people will hurt you. no one can make your heart mend, sometimes it will and sometimes you just learn a different way of dealing with it.

13 - Life is full of goodness, sometime you just have to look

14 - You should never judge people by your standards, people see the world very differently and what's important to some may not be to others

15 - I cry easily, and sometimes it feels quite good to get it out

16 - Photos are important take lots look at lots and look after them

17 - Some people (me) cannot and will not ever be able to make Yorkshire puddings

18 - Granparents are a gift to be treasured.

19 - A tidy house is not always a happy house, some people are just poop at housework

20 - Travelling is good for the soul and everyone should travel to as many places as they possibly can.

21 - Tequila does in fact make you happy, and hungover but mostly happy!

22 - 21 is only true if you are not an alchoholic, in which case tequila will only bring you sadness.

23 - Experiences are more valuable than things

24 - Friends can be the family you never had/haven't got/don't want!


25 - If something is making you miserable, do everything you can to change it (see number 8)

26 - Bearing a grudge is like holding a heavy bag of misery, it will weigh you down more and more.

27 - Mexican food is always a winner

28- Chocolate really does make things feel better.

29 - I can worry about anything! I've always been a worrier but oh my days I can stress and overthink almost every situation!

30 - I love love! Love is good and kind and sweet and gentle, it comes without conditions or threats and it heals and uplifts and makes the world better

31 - People like to help, generally it makes people happy to help you, so it makes sense then to ask for help if you need to

32 - I am rubbish at asking for help!

33 - I am rubbish at explaining things that trouble me, I always feel like if I tell someone my problem/s I should then follow up with a solution and a chipper 'stiff upper lip' oh no it's all good I'm fine!

34 - a problem shared really is a problem halved

35 - If someone shares a problem with you, they don't necessarily want you to fix them, sometimes it's nice just to say these things aloud (see 34)

36 - making new friends is a lovely feeling, as is connecting with old friends

37 - I can't sing, and I no longer care!

38 - I have never camped, I always stood firm that I never would..., but secretly I'd quite like to!!!!

I did warn you it was random and rambling, what would you put on your list?

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  1. Ooooh Mexican food really is always a winner isn't it! Happy belated birthday lovely xxxx

  2. Love this list - would definitely agree with the ones about being more appreciative of your 20-year old body now than you were at the time and kinder to your body now than you thought you would be. Love definitely makes the world a better place. Hope you had a lovely birthday :-)

    1. Thanks Louise love is good indeed! And my body deserves better than I've given it!

  3. Happy belated birthday! I can relate to so many things on this list especially 32 and 33. But not liking yorkshires? Oh my!!! K xxx

    1. Oh no I LOVE yorkies, I just can not cook them. No matter how I try !!!