Thursday, 25 June 2015

Tales of the Termite - 22 Months

I'm nearly 2! I know this because people keep telling me it is nearly my birthday, that's when I get cake and everyone brings me gifts and sings and helps me have a fun day in the garden with my friends!


I have started to get lots of hair on top of my head which is great because I've got really long hair at the back so hopefully soon mammy can give me a pony tail like peanut gets, because at the moment I look like a shark landed on my head!!!

This month has been a bit grumpy for me, you know I've never been a good sleeper and almost always wake up crying in the night with loud pumps (that's a fart if you are being crude or flatulence if you are being posh!) and stomach pains. After a particularly dairy heavy day or two I got really very poorly.

So after lots of varying ideas from the doctors we now think (after only 22 months of mysterious tummy trouble!!) that I can't have milk. So I've spent the last two weeks pining for Yoghurt and Fromage Frais, my favourite cheese and milk! It's made me sad and grumpy and I still don't quite understand why I can no longer eat these yummy things . But since I stopped eating them I no longer wake up with a hurty tummy which is great (mummy thinks so too)

In other news though I am developing brilliant mark making skills and can draw a cat , it looks quite wonky and a bit run over by a car! But it's definitely a cat, Mammy says it's the best at EVER.

I'm learning more words by the minute and I can sing the Winnie the Pooh song (well most of it, all by myself). I still like lots of cuddles and mammy claims she can't get anything done on a morning because I just want her to carry me around

I'm now in age 3 clothes and as tall as some of my buddies who are 6-12 months older than me. I love to run and dance and I especially like to copy Peanut when we do our shows at home.


This month I have spent lots of time playing with crayons and anything else I find in the craft box , my tigger toy and Peanuts baby dolly.






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