Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Holiday Bucket List - Antigua Barbuda

We all have them right? The list of places to see before we die. As a family our list is long, really really long! There are loads of. Things we'd like to do and places to go, but just for me, for pure selfish luxury I'm putting Antigua Barbuda. Because I'm being selfish I'm planning this whole thing with no input, hey it's my bucket list ok!

So I'm going to fly to Antigua in first class, we'll go in October because it's a special month for us and because it's a great time of the year to be there. And I'm going to book me us a cottage at Cocos, with a four poster bed and all the luxury a girl could need I'll spend a whole day just getting to know the hotel, sipping traditional ginger beer and eating black pineapple so  I can judge whether it really is the sweetest in the world, and watching the sunset on the ocean.

To get a real feel for the beauty of the island we are going to spend a day discovering on Kayaks, how amazing does this sound ' Paddle tranquil lagoons, uninhabited islands and protected mangroves and snorkel and hike at Bird Island, a 20 acre 'jewel in the ocean' that has white beaches, live reef and rare wildlife' so this is top of our list, we are going to snorkell and kayak and swim in lagoons!

Next we're going to go up up and away... On a helicopter ride so we can see all of Antigua, gaze in wonder at the pink sands snd untamed beauty of Barbuda and then go all Indiana Jones as we fly over the eye of Montserrat's volcano! I'm thinking that will be quite a bit of excitement so we should head over to Barbuda (in the helicopter of course) for a day of beach dwelling and good food.

Back on Antigua via Catamaran we will make the very most of our time in paradise by getting out and about to sample Antigua's famous hospitality and try out some local dishes my list to try includes, sweet potato dumplings (Ducana) salt fish, lobster and plantain.

How idyllic does it all sound though? What about this video as a bit of temptation..

I can almost feel the breeze! What would you do on your visit to Antigua Barbuda ?

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  1. Sounds gorgeous and looks idyllic - please can I come in your suitcase??? You don't need to share your bed I'll happily sleep in a hammock on the beach :-)

  2. Oh go on then, we'll go with you too! :)

  3. Sounds amazing. I wish I could to a similar destination this summer.

  4. I've always wanted to go to Antigua. It looks really beautiful and idyllic. Thanks for a great post

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  6. Antigua is beautiful. Can I come too? The beaches are wonderful and the walking on the sand is like walking on a cushion.

    Katie x

  7. Looks beautiful. I've been to the Caribbean as I have family there and I really want to go back and see more islands.

    1. Oh I'm jealous! Imagine having family to stay with!

  8. First class is definitely the way to travel. Have a fab time x

  9. I love your bucket list and first class ticket is a must on long flights!

  10. I'm sure you will need someone to carry your bags, I'm up for the challenge

  11. It's a deal, but you have to entertain the kids too...