Monday, 22 June 2015

Happy 5th Birthday to My Golden Child

As I'm writing this I'm sitting next to daddy reminiscing about how 5 years ago mummy was downstairs in the living room,drinking tea in the birth pool watching the world cup on TV (mummy's and Daddy's reminisce a lot around birthdays, it's soppy but you'll do it too I'm sure!) I swear I will never be able to hear a Vuvuzela again without thinking of the rush of excitement and anticipation I could feel knowing you were on your way to us.

I've just read the letter I wrote to you last year on your birthday and I can tell you that every amazing trait I spoke of last year, stands firm still. I love how you are still your baby sisters protector and you don't fight or shout when she tries to take over whatever you are playing with. You understand we need to teach her about sharing and patience and you are brilliant at finding a diversion for her attention.

I love too how you still are happy to follow your sisters lead in play and imagination but how instead of just doing what she says you are now as much of an idea generator as she is. You play so well with others and you are kind and giving.
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Your teachers speak highly of you and your sweet nature, there's often talk of how you are a gentle boy. I can't lie to you though you are the driving force in my belief that some children would benefit greatly from a delayed start to primary school and respond positively to home schooling. This belief, I promise, does not just stem from how much I miss you still when you are at school. Not from the ache I feel whenever you say ' I don't want to go to school mammy, it's such a long time without you'. My belief is that some children develop and learn better when the lead thier own way and you my boy are one of those children. Don't get me wrong you have learned tremendous amount in reception and your reading and writing has become tremendous. But when we are outside discovering or playing or taking part in activities I see your brain ticking and the spark of excitement that shows when you've learned something new, I see your pride and passion at finding your way to new knowledge and I know that perhaps for you learning is a more organic and less structured journey.

I'm joyous that you still love to take my hand, sit on my lap of cuddle into me whenever there's a chance to, your hugs fill my heart with joy and you are a beautiful wise soul who can cheer even the hardest days, not just for me but for everyone who is blessed to know and love you.

You are my boy and I hope you always beleive firmly in the knowledge that you are amazing and brilliant and you always will be

Love from Mammy


  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful boy. You're raising a little gentleman!

  2. This is so gorgeous, such a lovely thing to do to look back on.

    Katie x