Sunday, 7 June 2015

Fathers Day Planning with #TruprintDads

Now then it's only 2 weeks until Fathers Day! Have you decided what the Daddy's in your life are getting? 

I have 3 fellas to buy for, there's my dad, obviously, then the husband and also a lovely lovely man who isn't related to me at all but has been a kind compassionate wonderful source of support and fatherly-ness!

Thing is though I've been buying these wonderful men gifts for years and I'm a bit at a loss as to what to buy that isn't from the tat aisle in the supermarket or doesn't just repeat what's been bought before. 

So we are going old school homemade! I can't go into too much detail about one of my gifts, but it involves Lego! I promise I'll show you how we made it though after it's been opened on the day. 

But I came up with the idea of making really personalised presents for these fellas and I don't mean just a picture present, oh no no! We are creating masterpieces! 

Our hand drawn masterpieces which are being printed as I speak on lovely mugs for the Daddy's we love.

The kids have each drawn a picture for each of the people we are buying for and I've taken a photo of them, transferred them to my TruPrint account and they are having mugs that no one in the world could ever make them! Plus Spartacus is getting a giant poster collage of pictures that his little cherubs made! 

If you think this is a great idea (which of course you do because I'm a genius!) then I'm happy for you to copy and you can even have up to £30 off your order by visiting TruPrint  and using code LOVEMYDAD but be quick you only have until 15 June for Fathers Day orders.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the offer! :) I always leave things until the last minute!

    1. Well you're JUST in time, get your order I. Today and it'll be here before Sunday!