Monday, 29 June 2015

Childhood Holidays

It's no secret we are big holiday fans here at Monkeyfeet HQ and holiday chat is very prevalent at the moment as we are due to Fly to Tunisia soon, and in light of recent events we've been pondering what to do. The subject of stayactions (that's a holiday in good old Blighty if you didn't know) has cropped up.


Generally this isn't something we do as a family, but the husband and I have been reminiscing that it was the norm when we were little. Actually some of my fondest memories have been in this country and my most favourite childhood holiday was to Scarborough. We were only 5 and 9 when we went and not wanting to sound cliche they were simpler times. We spent our days playing in public paddling pools, or on the beach and ,as un-PC as this sounds now, we spent our evenings in beer gardens eating crisps and drinking cordial.


Scarborough at the time has its own version of Sea World with a dolphin show.



Now as a grown up I can't abide the thought of watching dolphins in captivity but I knew no better back then, obviously as I was only 5. But I remember falling in love with those beautiful creatures and wanting to spend all my time in the park. Like I say I don't even take my kids to these types of places now so I would hate it but back then I remember peering at the dolphin for what felt like forever.


Another favourite is Peasolm Park, or 'pea soup park' as we called it. Such a fab day out, Sunday's you could watch Battle of Britain reenacted by miniature planes and boats on the lake, with'real' explosions and boats being sunk. Then a stroll around the paths followed by a ride on the lake in a rowboat. After that a quick tea and when the sky gets a bit dark a magical walk around the Tree Walk, a little meandering path leading you to all sorts of illuminations and mechanised displays. One bad thing about the tree walk was the free range geese who would chase you for ages to keep you away from their territory! I still don't like geese now I've been so mentally scarred!




The best thing about Scarbourough though is the taste of the seaside! fish and Chips with salt and vinegar washed down with a bottle of panda pop, eaten from yellow paper sitting on the beach with the smell of sea air invading your senses. And for afters (it's a Geordie term for pudding) Jackonelli ice cream, the yellow one that makes you pull a funny face!


Looking back I loved my holiday in Scarborough as much as my first ever holiday abroad 7 years later! I think I've convinced myself that Scarborough should be added to our Bucket List!


Where did you holiday as a child? I'd love to know





  1. I just LOVE Scarborough - we go every year. I think it has gone a little downhill in recent years though but we still love Peasholm park, riding the open top bus and fish n chips on the beach! We are camping there this Summer. Can't wait! x

    1. Given that I NEVER camp, I find myself surprised to say I'm sooooo jealous of your camping trip!

  2. Scarborough! Kinderland, Peasholm Park, the firework display up the hill

    I went every year for as long as I remember until my gran passed away..... All of my summer holiday memories are there!

  3. KINDERLAND!!! Yes. Oh I just sooooo want to go back now!

  4. Panda Pop - ah the memories! My Scarborough memory is camping on the top of a hill with my cousins when there was a huge storm. Our parents were in their caravans and we were in a small tent in between them. The thunder was deafening and the flashes of lightening lit everything up like it was day time. Then the rain came and almost collapsed our tent. I'm sure it wasn't quite that dramatic but that's how I remember it :)