Saturday, 9 May 2015


It's been a little while since I posted about my Slimming World Journey. I've been on holiday so missed some weeks and then of course there was the post holiday recovery!

 So here's  a wee run down of April and May so far.

 April 2nd I weighed in at a different class and was disappointed at only losing 1/2lb which I will admit started me in holiday mode a week early! But then something clicked and whilst on holiday I realised I wanted to be slim more than I wanted dessert with every meal of the day! Alas 10 days in Greece after a week off plan at home took their toll and my post holiday weight gain according to my scales at home (which normally match those at class) was a whopping 5lb!!!!


April 24th saw me head into class for my first official post holiday weigh in with trepidation, I'd tried hard since getting back but we'd had a night out the night before weigh in! I couldn't believe that I showed only a 1.5lb gain! That meant I'd lost 3.5lb since my home weigh in ! Over the Moon with joy I set off for a positive week.

May 1st - Weigh in today was a bit disappointing,

I was hoping to get 'back in the black' which would have needed a 2lb minimum loss and I lost 1.5lb. I know it's good and positive but mentally I had a bit of a kid huff and I've been on a bit of self destruct and have snarffed down 2 packets (bags)  of fruit pastilles, several Curly Wurly's and a curry!


May 8th

After a week of self destruct I stepped on the scales with dread... And stepped of quite happy with a 1/2lb loss. It's not great but it's better than a gain! 


So there are 37lb's left that I'd like to shed, and 12 weeks until August which is when I wanted to reach my target which means I would have to lose 3lb a week! Looking at this realistically I'm not hoping to maintain that sort of loss as historically I haven't , so.... If I can lose 1.5lb a week I should reach my goal by November! That information makes me grumpy it's such a long time away but I'm going to try to stay positive and keep just trundling on.


One massive positive of losing what I have do far is fitting into dresses I've not worn in ages, and borrowing a dress from a friend for a swanky party which is a size and brand I wouldn't have considered  and it made me feel fab when I put it on.. 



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  1. Well done on losing what you have so far - it is so satisfying when you start fitting back into dresses you haven't worn for a while and I am sure you will get to your target even if it takes a little longer than you hoped. Wishing you all the best of luck with getting there.