Thursday, 2 April 2015

Family Fun at Blue Reef Aquarium

Blue Reef Aquarium is situated a stones throw from gorgeous Tynemouth Beach, within waling distance of some great shops bars and restaurants so it makes for a perfect family day out

Admission prices are ..

The aquarium has a cafe and gift shop alongside everything else in the attraction.

Before you go inside it is worth noting that at the entrance you can pick up

  • paper and crayons to create 'rubbings' of diffent sea life shapes around the aquarium
  • Question Sheets to answer along your journey
  • timetable of shows and talks
  • A step for teeny tiny's so they can see in the tanks easily

There is lots to see as you go around with Star fish, Stingrays, iguanas, sharks, Frogs, Otters, More species of fish than I can recall , giant eels a whole area for tamarins and then outside you can see the beatiful seals and sea lions


We had a great time checking out all the tanks and the kids had lots of questions. There are talks throughout the day about the aquarium and all of its dfferent inhabitants, you can watch the seals being fed and theres also a seal show.


Outside are some very friendly chickens, who provided fabulous entertainment for my little Termite I'm not sure the poor chicken was so impressed with her though! Peanut and the Golden Child enjoyed playing in the outdoor park which is suitable for young children.


The gift shop is packed to the ceiling with any amount of attractively displayed goodies, from pens and stationary to stuffed toys and games.


The Cafe offers a range of hot and cold snack and drinks, icecreams and cakes. Sadly it is priced, like most visitor attractions, somewhat on the higher side for whats on offer but they do make a nice cuppa!

After we had seen all there was to see we took the kids for a stroll along the beach across the road, great for blowing off the cobwebs and allowing the kids a bit of crazy time

This post was written as part of the Millenium Hotels Newcastle Guide and our entrance was paid for


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  3. It is such a beautiful aquarium. I just wish there more aquarium plants to see. Thanks for sharing.

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