Monday, 27 April 2015

Chez Mal Bar and Bistro Launch at Mal Maison Newcastle

Would I like to attend the party of the year to celebrate the launch of the newly rennovated Mal Maison? Erm does a bear.... I mean Yes Yes Yes YES! Its not often this Cinderella get to head out somewhere super glam anymore so I was well excited to RSVP in the affirmative when General Manager Vincent got in touch.


Now Mal Maison is one of my most favourite Hotels, in fact my kids claim its the best holiday they've ever had in England, and given that we live only 10 miles away this seems rather crazy but they love it. We have never had Dinner here only ever breakfast (totes Amazebonks by the way). So I was keen to sample their evening menu and some cocktails, purely for the purposes of research, you understand.

I have to say that having worked in Theatre for so long and having been involved in the opening or re opening of some fabulous venues, I have been to some impressive parties and so my expectations are always set quite high! I was NOT dissappointed, we arrived to be greeted on the red carpet with champagne and ushered across to have our pictures taken in the press area! Then whisked upstairs to the newly refurbed Bar and Bistro if you've been before then the Bar is now where the Bistro was and vice versa, so now your food can be enjoyed overlooking the beautiful views of the Tyne.

I was distacted immediately by the beauty room that had been set up for any last minute beauty needs, well who could resist a hairdo by toni and guy and a makeover by the amazing Girls from Eldon Square's Boots, Benefit concession, followed by a hand and arm massage by LaPetit Spa's therapists! The husband meanwhile was more than happy to occupy himself with the selection of craft beers available before he moved onto the cocktails.


The bar looks brilliant and has a really good vibe fitting perfectly with the tendy image of the hotel (see now I can't even type the world trendy without feeling decrepit, its been so long since I went out!) And the bistro looks elegant and peaceful. There were cocktail stations dotted around the bar and themed food tables around the restaurant, the husband loved the seafood and I must admit despite being allergic to some seafood and not a huge fan of most everything else the smell was amazing so fresh and flavourful, there was a table groaning under the weight of cheeses, pates, cured meats and tapas style veggies which won my heart instantly, the sundried tomatoes were like nothing Ive tasted honestly so full of flavour I could have ran off with the dish! Another table was full of meaty delights, mini bugers, cuts of meat and other gorgeous looking offerings and the of course there was a huge selection of wines to accompany any dish set alongside the most beautiful desserts Ive tasted in a long time.


The event was attended by Newcastle's finest businesses, bloggers, press, and some amazing people who are part of or work with the MalMasion group and I managed to speak to some great people, I even managed to meet Rachel from Happy Little Syllables Chloe from New From New Girl in Toon and Samantha from North East Family Fun which was amazing as I talk to her almost every day but we've never been in the same room! Of course no star studded party would be complete without Stars and the event had Fab musical performances by Annabelle Pattison, and ITVs Rachel Sweeney, along with TOWIE's Mark Wright performed a DJ set, The Zmoffats from Gogglebox were there and even Sting made and appearance (swoon) and kindly posed for pictures(not with me I'm afraid my carriage, I really mean metro, was waiting) before heading of for well needed rest before his charity performance at The Sage on Friday.


As well as the bar and Bistro the bedrooms have undergone a refurb as well and I cant wait to have a look around and report back to you, infact im so impressed I'm even trying to plan a never heard of before Mummy and Daddy evening away so we can try out some more cocktails, dinner and sleep in a sumptious Mal room! Fingers crossed for us everyone.

Sadly this cinderalla had to leave before midnight (10pm!) for her babysitter but I will admit it was a reluctant exit ( imagine trying to get a cat in a box? Thats sort of how I felt going out the door!) I was soothed somewhat by an amazing goody bag containing smellies, jewellry and Benefit makeup, and best of all a Mal Maison gift card!


If you are in Newcastle for food or to stay for the night I would highly recommend you try out Chez Mal. The food is so lovely and the views are stunning, theres so much I want to tell you, like how passionate the chefs were talking about what goes with what and where the food is from, how its cooked, how friendly the staff are, and not just on launch night we were treated beautifully when we rocked up bedraggled and towing 3 grumpy children after our house flood left us temporarily homeless, how perfect the cocktails are and how relaxed the hotel makes you feel just as soon as you walk in the door. And the prices? Well with offers combining food, drink and accommodation prices are a lot more reasonable and better value for money than you'd expect!

Good luck Chez Mal, although I'm positive the place is going to be popular with all kinds of people because it really does have lots to offer.

Photos watermarked are published with the kind permission of I am VIP Newcastle




  1. looks like you had a cracking night!! and you look amazing by the way!!! xxx

  2. Looks like a fab night!! I really need to get myself down there as I've never been since they refurbished, I've seen so many blog posts featuring it lately and it looks amazing! xx

  3. Ah it was lovely to meet you at last and although you and hubby hadn't been out for a few years - you picked a good night to break the habit :D

  4. It looks and sounds like you had an amazing night x

  5. Looks like a fantastic night, love that they had a little beauty station pampering away!