Monday, 2 March 2015

Slimming World Review and Thoughts

The thing about weight loss is that everyone talks about it, no matter if you are on Weigh Watchers, Paleo, Slimming World or The Cabbage Soup Diet there's a universal willingness to chat about it. So I have conversed lots with mummy friends and old school pals and even complete strangers about how we all find our choice of weight loss. When I became a Slimming World Blogger I thought I would just write about my food and my results and that would speak for itself, after all I've done this before (yeah yeah 15 years ago!) and so I thought it would be simple..... You will realise by the end of this post that weight loss, for me at least, is way more complex in your 30s than in your 20's. so let me try to explain


  • I grew up with a fad dieting, weight yoyo-ing, self loathing mum (and believe me these were the least of her issues). You can easily imagine how quick and simple it was for me to develop issues with food and self image faced with a Mum who Hated everything about her body! Since becoming a mum I've become more vocal on my opinions on body image and female sexualisation than I ever imagined. I do not wish my children (girls or the boy!) to feel inferior about anything least of all judge themselves lacking because of appearances. As such I've made very clear choices not to express any dissatisfaction at my body or image to them, this in turn has had quite a positive effect on me, I have more confidence in myself than ever in my life, yeah sure a body like Cindy Crawford wouldn't be so bad but it won't make me a better mum, wife or friend! Nope those qualities are all me and having a not washboard perfect tummy doesn't affect those things at all.Not wanting my kids worrying about weight and numbers is also the reason I've opted out of the governments weighing and measuring of school children but that's a post all on its own. So for me Slimming World is a good choice for weight loss, my kids never hear the word diet because we still all eat the same things, we still eat together and we still eat A LOT!
  • Now this bit may be a ramble, my favourite sanity saving quote when going anywhere with children is 'it's not about the destination it's about the journey' but it's dawned on me this week after quite a lengthy weight loss convo with a good friend that with weight loss it is about the destination not the journey! Members in my class have lost amazing amounts in short times, 9lb in 2 weeks, A stone in 3 weeks and they are rightly and deservedly chuffed to bits, the aforementioned mummy friend with whom I was chatting is perfectly happy having lost 8.5lb in 2 months because this includes Christmas and New Year! Me I'm almost 99% happy with my Stone in 6 weeks. You see some slimmers take the coastal route meandering along the rocky paths stopping to take in some sea air, some floor it and head straight down the M1 but when we get to Target Towers (I just made that up, slimming world don't have an actual tower full of target members!) we all have the same feeling of achievement the same cheesy smile and the same plan to throw our bank cards at the nearest department store for THAT outfit . That for me is the brilliance of Slimming World there's no pressure no criticism just celebration and support and did you know On average, members lose around 8% body weight in six months and around 13% by 12 months whilst attending group!


I've tried lots of diets (a shameful amount) ....


Weight Watchers

Juice Fast

Heart Patient

Cabbage Soup

Slim fast

Clean Eating



Adios Tablets

Fat Melting Pills

I could pick fault with everyone of them but so as not to be biased I asked my network of parents (all 6456 of them) here are some of the things people have disliked about some of the diets they've been on

Bad Breath


Not keeping the weight off

Feeling restricted

Eating odd combinations of food

Awful side effects

Feeling hungry

Not being able to eat with the family


The list went on and it was long and sad to read


I've had no such issues with Slimming World because the food is everyday food it's just small changes that lead to big results, I still have curry kebab and pizza, I especially still have chocolate. There's very little weighing and measuring nothing is forbidden and the food is good and healthy.


My final thoughts on Slimming World this time around?


I love the community feel to classes, I have a joke and a laugh with the money ladies and the weigh-in lady. Our consultant is down to earth and funny and class conversation is kind spirited and helpful. Yeah with a bigger class sometimes that round of applause for everyone can seem to take a while but whoever is last still deserves the celebrations that the first member got. And that round of applause and bit chat (it's Called Image Therapy by the way) that's dead important! I promise it is. To me it means accountability and feeds my human need to succeed and get recognition, now don't roll your eyes we're all the same! Image therapy is proven to work so if class is running over a bit try to remember someone is waiting for their mini parade.

What of the cost? Well it's £4.95 a week so less than a pound a day, and in my opinion it's worth every penny. I know I don't stick to plan so well if I'm going it alone and then I'm back to ignoring the strain in my waistband and the need for those baggy tops!


I know I could be accused of being made biased by the euphoria of losing a stone and still eating chocolate almost every day and well I guess that's true I am biased! I'm happy and I eat everything I fancy I've not suffered and my whole family enjoy the food I make.


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  1. Very well done so far hun, I wish I could loose a stone in a month!! I joined SW on the 2nd Jan and so far have loss 8 1/2lbs. Yeah I'm dissapointed it's not more but hey I'm still over half a stonelighter than a few weeks ago. Slow and steady won the race is my motto at the moment xxx

    1. But if you put 9 bags of sugar in your waistband you'd soon see how much 81/2lb really is. Keep on keeping on lovely we may be going the coastal route but we will get there!

  2. Congratulations on your journey so far - I've enjoyed reading your SW posts and progress :D

  3. What an inspiration! Well done :)

  4. well done you are doing great. slimming world is the only diet that has ever worked for me in the past , i need to try and find a chance to rejoin xx

  5. Well done! My mummy isn't a fan of dieting or exercise...and knows she should be more active! #triedtested

  6. Well done you! My friend uses slimming world and has lost so much weight in the last year so it really does work x

  7. Well done lovely, I've used Slimmingworld a lot and it's really worked for me! #Triedandtested

  8. Well done! I hope you continue to do so well with it all. I think its the community spirit of Slimming World that makes it a success and to be honest I thought it was more expensive than that x x

  9. well done weight loss is super hard no matter what regime your following and its great when you find something that works for you! i lost 75lb last year after putting on loads of weight with my second child. Its a journey.. no a marathon but determination and a cheat day is key !! :)
    great post !!x #sundaystars

  10. Slimming World has such an amazing reputation and I hear great things about it all the time. I don't think I would be brave enough to go to a group but the recipes look nice. Also, I didn't know you could opt-out of the weighing thing for school children. I would be interested to read a post about that, definitely. x


  11. Well done on your weight loss! I love slimming world and miss the classes (they don't do them where I live now which is a pain) as I did so well when I had that extra bit of support that doing it at home on my own just doesn't provide. I keep starting then stopping when cake finds me again. Fingers crossed I can get back into it again. Love hearing how it helps other people! #sundaystars

  12. Oh I love your mind set on this. I too have had various battles with my weight. I have heard SW to be really very good. I am detoxing next week to kick start, so maybe - no I WILL sign up to SW for when it ends! Good luck with your journey and thank you for linking up with #SundayStars :) xxx

  13. This is such a positive post. Like most women, I often struggle with my weight. And especially since having a baby. I try not to do set diets because I always find that I regain the weight as quickly as I lost it. And I agree with you, it is so important to talk to our children about being healthy and not adherring to any form of body image. You are an inspiration and well done for losing your stone with Slimming World. Thanks also for linking up with #SundaysStars. I am sorry that is has taken me so long to comment. Hugs Mrs H xxxx