Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sleep The Elusive Luxury

A funny thing about blogging and having a newborn.. Sometimes in the middle of the night in your sleep deprived state you will write a post and save it to spell check later. Then you will completely forget about it! This here is one such post I wrote this about a year ago and have only just discovered it sitting forlornly in my drafts folder! I'm pleased to say I get a bit (not much) more sleep now than when I wrote this but I do still remember very clearly the frustration of a wasted sleep opportunity! So her is my post written in February 2014....



It's ten past midnight, not too late, but a bit later than I would like to be awake. So why am I sitting in the dark feeling cross?

Well let me explain, when pregnant with Termite (and even before that) I would happily be in bed before 9 with a cuppa, watch a bit TV and slide into sleep by 10, rarely would I be woken until 7am. Just recently though Peanut has taken to refusing sleep until after 9 (a phase I'm hoping will pass quickly) Termite feeds until after 10 and then I make a frantic dash for dishes, housework, organising the next days needs. I fall into bed at midnight knowing I will be woken soon. Sure enough termite requires more sustenance at about 1 am and 4 am! But tonight is a bad night because finally managing to get bed lights out by 10.30 I have listened to Spartacus snore for almost an hour, drifted off only to be woken by Peanut needing to share the news she needs a wee, more snoring and then Termite wakes, so despite potential for 100 minutes of sleep I've managed 10!!!

90 wasted minutes, I could have flown to France, Played a football match, had a manicure. But instead I've been robbed of the most precious commodity a parent has SLEEP!

I feel frustrated and tearful and irrationally cross at being the only one awake AGAIN!

So my advice to any of you out there with weeny ones, leave the housework, ignore the admin and at least once a week when the kids are settled and silent, creep quietly into bed at 8pm and just sleep for as long as you can!



  1. Great advice - I uses to yearn so much for unbroken sleep. Luckily now that our children are older they don't get up through the night anymore and if they wake up early they just go downstairs and watch tv. Phew!

  2. Oh this all sounds so very familiar! Glad its all a bit better for you now though.