Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Laundry Rules

If you are not responsible for the laundry in your house you should read this...


If you are responsible for the laundry in your house please feel free to share this with those in your house who are not!

First off let me tell you most folk hate doing laundry, it's an endless thankless task that involves moving clothes to several different places, looking at big piles of laundry....

...timing things right, remembering the tumble dryer hates you and enjoys making your laundry look like it was slept on by elephants! You should keep these facts in mind ....

Laundry is a very simple process, it needs very little input from those not involved in the actual task of 'doing laundry'. Here are the basics


  • If it's in the laundry pile it will get washed, eventually
  • If it is on the floor and not in the laundry pile it will not get washed BECAUSE IT IS NOT IN THE LAUNDRY PILE
  • If you are in a hurry for some laundry it is good etiquette to try one of the following phrases ...

'Are you putting a wash in today, I'm in a hurry for this?

'Would you be able to have this washed and ready for tomoro please? I'm sorry to ask but I totally forgot'

  • The following may not be as successful

'Have you not washed that yet?!' This is a question you don't need to ask! If it's not clean then obviously no it has not been washed!


'I need this tomorrow' please be very aware this is neither a polite request nor a question. You are making a statement!


  • If you leave clothes on the bed (or wherever your 'laundry responsible adult' normally leaves CLEAN laundry. It will not get washed, infact it will probably be folded and put away. This is another time when you may NOT say 'have you not washed this' because the answer will be 'if you didn't put it in the dirty laundry pile then NO I DID NOT WASH IT.


I am in charge of tidying inspecting and laundering the clothes for 3 little people therefore I expect big people to understand the functions and etiquette of laundry!


Some practical tips

  • We try to remember your pockets but sometimes we forget, therefore you are ALWAYS the person who will be held responsible if a tissue spreads from your trouser pocket into a million super clingy pieces which attach themselves to the rest of your wardrobe!
  • If we are having a slow laundry week these answers should save you asking any questions that will lead to you being folded up and put in the washing machine..

'Your missing shirt, pants, socks etc are either in the clean laundry the dirty laundry or your draw.' If you find them somewhere else that's because you PUT THEM THERE! We do not, have not and will not ever hide your clothes for fun. It's not fun it's just more movement of clothes!


And finally we do not expect a rush of gratitude every time you wear clean clothes, but the following are great ways to score brownie points (which you know leads to the good stuff) and make us feel appreciated

'I don't know how you keep up with all the laundry I never could'

'Your washing always smells so nice'

'Why don't you send the holiday washing to the launderette? It'll give you a break from the washing mountain'

'You rock' (this works at any time not just when we are having a laundry paddy)


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  1. So true! I hate the laundry and ironing mountain in our house. Never ending

  2. I've been very lucky not to live with somebody who doesn't understand the laundry rules, but I do get fed up with doing it - even if all the washing goes into the right basket.

    Great blog post! :-D