Friday, 20 March 2015

How To Start An Allotment

Week 2- Enlist Help

This is how it started ...

See what I did? I'm Not asking for help I'm inviting you for fun....
Saturday rolled around and we met the cousins who were dressed for work! A good start I thought, I'd already promised lunch and I was prepared with a bag of goodies and two flasks of tea. So I wasn't shocked when my 'guest' (skivvy for the day) asked if he could do anything.

And so the phrase many hands make light work came into its own. With two of us working we got another load of potatoes and some onions in the ground and the nursery is filled more tomato and cucumber seedlings than you can shake a muddy stick at!
With a wheelbarrow arriving as my Mother's Day present I feel things are really taking shape. Only 3 weeks left to get everything in and planted before the Easter holidays which is my target.
Doesn't it look blissfully 'Good Life' Though?



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