Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Home Organisation - Drawers of Doom

Do yours or your kids drawers look a bit like this....


Does it drive you bonkers that no matter how organised you are they pull everything out to see what's there? Seriously my husband drives me insane. I can never fit any laundry in his drawers because he has pulled the bottom t-shirt from his drawer leaving the rest in a heap crumpled and disorganised!
I have the best most life changing (yep I'm THAT excited about it) way to sort drawers, maximise space and cut dressing time!
It's the vertical stack and store! Please note I love organisation, I have compartmentalised Tupperware storage and my pantry borders on the level of OCD displayed in 'Sleeping With The Enemy' so this totally floats my boat and I'm sad that I've just started doing it. So here goes....

  • Empty your Drawers and prepare to be amazed!
  • You need to fold each item of clothing inwards by thirds
  • Then up and down by thirds or quarters depending on the length
  • Then stack them upright in your drawers
Now you can pick out exactly which one you want in seconds without disturbing the other items in the drawer. It even works on trousers and skirts, dresses in fact almost everything

It also means I've cleared at least one drawer in each room! Do you have any good tips for home organisation?


  1. HAHA I am the opposite - I am really organised in my work and social life ect.... but my house is not organised at all. My children's drawers are but by the time I get to mine and hubbys I just chuck stuff in!

    1. I get so sick of putting clothes away! Sometimes ive been known to just hide them!

  2. No tips from me I'm afraid, like Samantha I have to be organised when I'm at work (currently on mat leave) but my house is chaos! I think I'd like to be you!! X

  3. I go for the 'Right,I've had enough of mayhem' approach about every 3 months where I have lovely and tidy shelves. Then, in a heartbeat they look like I've hidden the iron pile on the shelf..

    For garage organisation, we got shelving and then I bought boxes, lots of them, so we could allocate a box for certain items. Then, the boxes are all labelled. I now always know where the spare batteries :)

  4. What a good idea!

    I have a thing about storage solutions, and boxes that stack get me more excited than they really should, but keeping things in check after I've done the tidying up is my difficulty :-D

  5. i love the ikea PAX wardrobes who have metal baskets to pull out so its easier to see whats in the wardrobe! and i love boxes to put underwear and socks in so i don't loose some! But my OH wardrobe is still a mountain of clothes just put on top of each other! doesnt matter how many times i sort it give it a few weeks and its back to it! really annoyes me!

  6. Ive got that many pjamas I think I have a pjama mania!! Too many for draws so I store them in a wooden square laundry box or blanket box. Can put my hand straight on them. But socks are a different matter I always seem to have a load of odd socks so I keepthem for a month or so in a lost sock box Iincase I can reunite the pair together after the month or so has lapsed then in the bin they go....