Thursday, 12 March 2015

Community Policing - My Thankful Thursday

I've written more than once about my gratitude for the NHS But this week I've been thinking about another service that we all take for granted yet probably don't praise enough, our police forces.
On Friday my Golden Child took part in a school assembly about people who help us. He played the part of a police officer and it comes as no surprise to me that he thinks the Police are pretty ace. You see we have been really very fortunate to have a lovely community policing team. When I first found out we had access to a regular community meeting to catch up with the police and stay informed with any local issues, I was really pleased. I love the idea of having a real community feel and my kids growing up knowing our 'local bobby' . We have a dedicated Neighbourhood Beat Manager who turns up come  rain or shine and makes it his business to know whats going on but also he really has gotten to know the folk on his beat. Sadly he will be leaving us soon but before he left he called in to say goodbye to the family and remind us to keep going to the community meetings and support the new manager. It just shows how people really do care about thier jobs and thier communities. So this week my #Thankfulthursday is going to our amazing Neighbourhood Beat Manager and to all the other officers just like him who care enough to want our towns and cities to be better places.

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  1. So glad that you have such a lovely local community policing team. The ones I've met from our local team are lovely too :-)