Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Badgemaster Review

I'm a bit of a fan of name badges, I like to see people wearing them because I can thank them personally (or note their name if customer care is seriously failing!) I also always liked to wear one when I was at work so people knew they could approach me. Now that I'm self employed and mostly work from home I've not had any need for one, I mean I'd happily wear a 'mammy' name tag but my kids don't seem to struggle in asking me for a million things (mostly food) a day!

But this year I've been invited to lots of press nights, launches and blogging events, I'm even hoping to find a sponsor so I can go to Brit Mums Live and I thought it would be nice to have a badge. So I jumped at the chance to review The service and products from Badgemaster.

You design your own badge on their website inputting your text and logo's. Choosing from a good selection of shapes colours and finishes, even selecting your preferred fastening from about 6 choices I went for the clip and pin combo, with my blog log (a blogo if you will ha ha) and then some text underneath.


The process is really easy and you just follow the step by step prompts, check you are happy then submit. Badgemaster will then email you a quote for the badge.

At this point I panicked a little that I may have been scewif (another northern term) in my design but Karen at Badgemaster calmed me down saying their design boffins would check it and send me a final proof. This came quickly and then you just confirm its all correct and wait for the invoice. Once you've paid the badge takes about 7-10 days to arrive.

Isn't it lovely? It's really nice quality and is finished beautifully, I chose to have rounded edges (many lessons in scratching myself on pointy badge edges has left me a fan on a gentle curve! It feels very hardwearing and they've printed it beautifully, no problems at all with clarity and readability.

They don't just make badges though, you can order lanyards, card holders, certificates, signage and button badges. And a look at their client list gives an indication of their reputation for quality and reliability....

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  1. I am still waiting for mine to arrive ( orderd it almost a month ago) I love the look of them and will be great for events x