Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The World Is Getting Smaller (But I Still Miss My Man!)

Quite often I can be heard commenting that the world is a smaller place now than when my husband and I were younger. I realise this is not actually the case, but we live in a world of cheap flights and brilliant technology so really you coud be halfway around the world but still feel like you are in the same room as someone!


This fact has made me very Thankful this week, see Spartacus has flown off to Berlin to wonder at amazing buildings and learn lots of wonderfulingenious technologies for clever buildings! All well and good but for the fact that we spend loads and loads of time together with very few nights apart and I MISS HIM SO! Dont get me wrong, Ive spent my evenings organising the house and re arranging furniture and decorating so Ive been productive without him but I really am looking forward to his return


So it was a beautiful and happy moment to use Skype for the very first time this week and have a conversation as if he was sitting right by me. He's 'even virtually' tucked the kids into bed!

So this week my Thanks are huge and aimed straight at modern technology and the wonder that is Skype!





  1. I love things like Skype when my hubby is away too - much nicer for the kids too to be able to see their daddy. Hope your OH is back home soon and glad you have managed to keep yourself occupied while he is away.

  2. What a lovely post! I was just thinking about this, about five minutes before I clicked on your link! I have a client in Italy, but I can work for her just as effectively as if she were next door. Love it!