Friday, 6 February 2015

#Mummymakeover Weekly Weigh in - Week 4

Last week I was full of joy with my Slimming World Journey and I've had a fab food week since then. So I fully expected to be performing another (really bad) happy dance this week. Only I'd be doing it whilst holding aloft a shiny certificate and badge declaring I'd lost half a stone! So I positively skipped into class today .....

There you have it a right miserable week and it honestly took everything I had to not walk straight out the door of my class! I think looking at this video I actually look quite cheerful (that'll be my public face!) but I will be honest there have been tears today and it's really brought my day down, which is silly given that the world is full of real problems and not losing a silly half a pound is nothing in comparison but I'm bad tempered and frustrated!





  1. I hope by posting this and the video, where you do look very cheery, it has helped you deal with the frustration!

    1. I know! This is totally my public face my husband had a good chuckle at the difference from 5 minutes prior when I was having a tearful tantrum on him!

  2. It's upsetting when you don't reach a weight loss goal despite working really hard, but I know how you feel. Wishing you lots of success! xx

  3. aw im sorry you have had a terrible week but the best way to make it better is to look to what can be achieved in weeks to come x

  4. I bet you lose more than 1/2 lb next week. Weightloss is an emotional journey that's for sure #NEBrilliantbloggers