Friday, 27 February 2015

Mothers Day Gifts

This year I've gotten an early start on Mother's Day gifts, mostly because the Husband is off around the world and leaving me alone on Mothering Sunday!!

So in preparation we (well actually he) took to the internet to choose some gifts....

I have to say the boy (and Truprint) did good, but first I must tell you of my love of Travel mugs, you see I spend time (sometimes what seems like a lot of time) standing in the background of my children's lives whilst they partake in endless fun things. Swimming, Athletics, Toddler play groups, parties etc. Then there is the transportation time and sometimes Mummy just needs a cuppa. I know I'm not alone, football mums, rugby mums when you are standing on that field cold and wet you know all you want is a hot brew, so take it from me a travel mug will be your best investment for the foreseeable future.


With that in mind my man couldn't have chosen a better gift than this Travel Mug he has picked 3 of my favourite (and rare) pictures of me with my babies and look what he has had written on it ... 'I am The Monkeyfooted Mummy' I just love it.

He stayed with a safe option for my next gift, and to be honest has saved us looking like the worst parents! See we have had canvas prints of Peanut and The Golden Child hanging in the living room for years but we've never gotten round to ordering a matching one of Termite despite having hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of her! So at last I have a perfectly matching one the same size and depth as the others to hang in pride of place on the wall and ensure we no longer look like Termite is forgotten!


Spartacus said he struggled to choose what to buy from all the choices in the mothers day section He was stuck between the Mug or some personalised table mats which I think are a fab idea, but Im pleased I got my mug!

So whilst I know what gifts I'm getting this year, thanks to my gallivanting husband! I'm pleased with the effort and thought that has gone into them and I still have a surprise card thankd to Truprints Mum in a Million Campaign. You see the good folk over at Truprint have decided to help make a million mums smile by giving away a MILLION FREE Mothers Day cards, You can make your FREE Personalised Mothers Day Card here Enter code MUMINAMILLION at checkout. Did I mention they are FREE. I can't wait to open mine!


Ooh and Id love to see what you create, post pictures on our wall or tweet them to @monkeyfeettweet

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  • Awards one free 7x5 folded card
  • Standard P&P charges apply (99p)
  • Ship to recipient not available
  • Complete with envelope
  • Code is One time use only
  • Strictly one code use per household.

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  1. I think i need a travel mug in my life too. I love the canvas too. I have just ordered a load of photos from truprint xx

  2. I love that you have personalised it a little with your blog. I would love something like this for Mother's Day x

  3. I love that you have personalised it a little with your blog. I would love something like this for Mother's Day x

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