Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Half Term Frugal Fun

This half term we are trying not to spend money! Well to spend as little as possible. As hard as it sounds it is possible for us so this is our plan


Life Sience Centre

We are very lucky to have annual passes for Life so we are packing a lunch (they have dedicated packed lunch areas) and heading of for a day of free fun and this half term it's Frozen Themed Fun!

Bill Quay Farm

We love coming here it's a lovely way to spend a couple of hours and it's free entry, although I would urge everyone to donate whatever they can to help keep the farm open. This half term they are running craft activities which are only £3.50 and loads of fun. But even if you don't do any crafting I promise you will enjoy a mooch around the farm then a play in the park just along the path. 

Rock Pooling

You can't be far from a bit of beatiful Coast in the NorthEast so this is a really easy but mega fun day out, we will be heading off to our local beach to discover the joys that are hiding in the rock pools, and let me ease your doubts, we've found star fish, hermit crabs and fish before without looking too hard at all! All you need is a packed lunch a magnifying glass and a spare Tupperware tub to keep and inspect your discoveries. But remember the best rule to follow when undertaking nature discoveries .... take only memories and leave only footprints 


Scavenger Hunt

The big two have decided we are having an indoor adventure this week which will end in toasting marshmallows on a 'fire' so we need wood to 'burn' and some props to set the scene. So we are off with our swag bags to find fallen sticks and leaves and seeds and acorns. Then home to make some paper flames for the fire (fake obviously) and we will build our indoor outdoor scene. I don't think sleep will factor highly in this camp out but that could be the cynic in me 


In the House Day

Outdoor fun is brilliant but I know my kids really appreciate the luxury of a day indoors, so pj's all day, some Lego play (I wonder if anyone has ever studied the distances travelled by rogue dropped Lego pieces) some craft and creation, a tea party with mini food and peanuts tea set and then some easy baking which leads just perfectly to snuggle time with popcorn, a movie and the results of our baking endeavours.


Scooting and Geocaching

We are so fortunate to live in the heart of lots of green space and coastline so a day out with no purpose always works well for us. Lunches packed, helmets on and scooters at the ready I normally let the kids choose which way to go as you can't really go far wrong and with Geocache on my mobile we can always discover some hidden 'treasure' keeping the kids occupied and focused no matter where we end up. There may even be a sneaky couple of quid for an ice cream treat! If you've not tried geocahing before I will apologise now as it can get a bit addictive! 




  1. We're trying not to spend much too. Not going well though! It's all the little things that add up. We are lookin fb forward to a pj day at the end of the hols though

  2. Wow! Kinda want to book the week off work and join you for half term now, those activities all sound amazing!

    Chloe x

  3. We're doing pretty much the same this week, we did big walks at Kielder on Monday, big walks with a picnic at Cragside yesterday and a huge walk around Newcastle today including going to St Peters Basin which is lovely, I'm 41 and I'd never been, I reckon it'll be a lovely place for lunch in the summer.

  4. I don't think I've been to St Peters Basin I look forward to your pictures

  5. So many nice things planned! Hope you are having a lovely half-term :-)

  6. oh i never been to bill quay farm before i think i may have to visit in the summer . Hope you are having a lovely week xx