Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Birthing Choices - My Thankful Thursday

I have given birth in a hospital and at home, both of these options were my choice. I'm currently watching 'Chilbirth All or Nothing' and I'll be truthful, I've shouted at the TV a couple of times, I've scoffed, I've said bleurgh a few times and I've nodded in agreement too. But suddenly I've thought about how lucky we are to have these choices, wether you choose to birth unnassisted by any medical professionals, wether you want to give birth at home Or in hospital, with drugs or an elective cesarean whatever you choose we should all be thankful that it is a choice we can make. Imagine living in a country where your choice of birth is dependant upon your location in relation to the hospital, your bank balance or your religion?

There are women for whom these things make a difference who don't have a choice and must give birth in unsuitable places without assistance without support and without help if anything goes wrong. Women who still die in childbirth unnecessarily babies who don't make it who's mums had no choices.

I'm grateful that I got the choice to say 'no I don't want hospital I want to go home and I don't wish to let you induce me.' I will be grateful forever that my birthing choices were respected by my NHS Team and that they were supportive and respectful of those choices.



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  1. Definitely a thing to be thankful for. Like you, I had one baby in hospital and the other at home and having access to safe medical care and choice is something I am also very thankful for. There are too many women in the world who have no choice and inadequate care during childbirth