Friday, 16 January 2015

#Mummymakeover - Slimming World Week One

I had intended to write on Thursday evening about how I've found my first week in Slimming a World, sadly I fell asleep but I still want to put down my findings BEFORE a weigh in this morning.



So this week I have...


  • Ate more food than I've ate in ages and ages but it's all been healthy and nutritious and mostly unprocessed .


  • Discovered a new love for spinach and split peas



  • Cleaned my house from top to bottom, sorted and tidied all sorts of toys and 'stuff' in an attempt to avoid the chocolate call, but also because I feel more motivated and full of energy than I have for a while


I've also discovered some things


  • Despite my affirmations that I have 'no off button' for chocolate, I have more self control than I gave myself credit for. There have been 12 Freddo's, 5 Curly Wurly's and 12 Blue Ribbands in my larder for 5 days and I've only consumed 2 Freddo's (and counted them in my 'Syns') this is a massive difference because normally I could inhale a whole pack of Freddo's and feel no remorse !


  • Chorizo is definitely not worth the syn's


  • Jelly Babies are evil and wicked! 1 Syn EACH! That's 1 each! Terrible and not worth it at all, sadly I found myself grazing on them when someone bought the kids a giant box full so I've been playing catch up all week!


Slimming World makes you pump A LOT!! Honestly steer clear of Monkeyfeet HQ it's ripe!


I've had more wee's than I could count, I mean I have to take every opportunity when I'm out, the fruit and veg are making me permanently in need! I'm hoping this bodes well for good loss this week...,

Wish me luck!





  1. Good luck! Fingers crossed for a fabulous loss to get things started x

  2. Well done for abstaining from freddos - you are stronger than me xx

  3. Good luck on your weigh in!! Weigh in 2 for me tomorrow....I haven't managed to avoid the syns of biscuits and wine this week, so may not have lost any x