Thursday, 29 January 2015

#mummymakeover Excuses Excuses

An apology letter to my Slimming World Consultant

To My Lovely Consultant

Right now I'm preparing my excuses for when I see you at Slimming World tomorrow. 
  • I put my back out so couldn't go shopping
  • It's that time of the month
  • I've not been as 'regular' as normal (don't you lve how much we memebers share with you?)

But here's the thing, I KNOW you've heard them all before, I know, you know that I'm making EXCUSES. I know you know that had I stuck to it 100% I would have lost and probably even got my Half stone Award. So I'm typing this now and making it public so that tomorrow I can just tell the truth...

  • It is that time of the month and my inner brat has been whispering at me to eat the chocolate and I HAVE! I've had 4 Xurly Wurly's a Freddo and a wafer bar !
  • That same inner brat has avoided going shopping because I plain old couldn't be bothered so I've not had as much speed Food as I should.
  • And that leads nicely to yep I've not been as regular but no speed = slow tummy ! 

I have no idea why my inner brat turns to food when things aren't brilliant but she's always there whispering like a siren 'just buy the sweeties no one needs to know'. But I do, I know! I know I won't get my Easter bunny Bounce if I keep having weeks like these so, before I've even gotten on the scales I'm saying sorry and drawing a bit fat, nice slim line firmly under this week

I promise to try harder next week !

Apologetic Beat Wishes
The One Hiding In the Corner (but still staying for Image Therapy)

So yep you guessed it I'm not feeling positive for my half a stone award and tomorrow, why oh why do I let it all go to pot after one bad day?

How do you get back on track after a rubbish day or two? 


  1. I've totally been in the same place as you. It's almost like one you've had something naughty you're hooked again and have to break the habit.

  2. Oh dear - we all have bad weeks. You may surprise yourself and still have lost though? Next week is a new week! I think it's great you're being honest with yourself x

  3. I try and not to look back, learn from my mistakes and move on. Although this is easier said than done.