Friday, 23 January 2015

Decisions Decisions, Buying a New TV

Here are some random facts (random but relevant later on )


  • I had a corneal transplant 11 years ago and can not see properly in 3d since.
  • My Husband is a techno geek.
  • I'm a bit of a techno-phobe.


These facts together mean that when it comes time to buy a new TV generally it's best if he does it on his own because frankly I'm normally not that bothered what I watch Eastenders on (mostly my iPad). In fact when Mark and I first met (in the years of disposable cash) my flat had a 16inch portable TV, a laughable term as it probably weighed more than most modern 52inch TVs. It didn't have a remote and from across the room you could easily miss most details in a scene. So he promptly fixed that by buying me a humongous TV for my birthday. From then on I've happily let him be in charge of tech.

But something has happened and it's very strange! I've developed a crush on a tv!!! Now I've heard of most TV types plasma, LCD, HD, 3D (pointless for me!) but I'd never heard of 4k!

Oh my I've always stood firm that I can't really see much difference between SD and HD , mostly because I don't think it's worth paying the extra but 4k is like super doper high definition. The actual tech facts are that 4K TVs deliver four times more detail than HD! Imagine how brill your picture looks in HD.THEN IMAGINE MORE Honestly it's like being in the movie or the Arctic or on the pitch , depending on your viewing preference.

So while we have been researching our next TV to buy we both seem stuck on one of these Panasonic Beauty's over everything else! I guess its an investment though right? do you see I'm justifying my desire here?

So have you seen a 4K TV in action? What do you think, should we get one?



This is a collaborative post with Panasonic


  1. We have a panasonic 3d tv but i have never heard of 4k before. I know nothing about tech though and leave all that kind of thing up to my other half too xx

  2. I have a smart tv and it's brilliant! Netflix and youtube every at the ready :)

  3. My husband will probably know all about this, but I am a bit of a technophobe and just nod my head when he tells me how wonderful all these things are lol

  4. t.v to me is not improtant although my husband would also say the same as each year he tries to go bigger and better but im not so impressed lolx