Saturday, 6 December 2014

The (not so ) Secret Diary of Smelf The Elf On The Shelf and Snowflake

Well this year Santa told me he was sending me back to Monkeyfeet HQ which made me very happy, I had loads of fun last year. But then he said I've to take Snowflake with me to keep me out of trouble!!! Honestly she gets up to waaaay more mischief than me!
So we arrived on Monday with advent calendars for all the kids, Peanut was so excited she almost fell over running to tell the mummy one that we were here !

Last night we snuck to the kitchen ("my idea" snowflake) to eat some of peanuts birthday cake

Tonight we decided to give mummy a shock by hiding over her on the headboard, the kids thought it hilarious but mummy seemed a little weirded out.

Ha ha! Snowflake spotted a box of chocolates last night so tonight we scoffed them. Then we both felt sick! The kids were shocked, they are such good kids they'd never eat sweets without permission!

Tonight we spotted a toy in a termites room that looked like loads of fun so we spent the evening sliding down it again and again. It was the golden child that found us this morning

Elf Escapades


  1. Hope the elves weren't actually sick, naughty little monkey's x

  2. I hope they left some sweeties for the children! #ElfEscapades

  3. Loving the advent calendars. The elves like eating in your house, you must have some lovely treats ;0)

  4. I love their advent calendars, very cute.

    Hoping they left a few chocolates too #ElfEscapades