Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Favourite Fiction Finds

So the boffins over at Currys/PC World want to know about peoples fiction favourites, books, movies, or TV.

Years ago I could have listed a hundred books that I had read and loved in that year but now however my reading is restricted more to Biff Chip and Kipper (I know all you parents are nodding right?) than anything more adult. Although I will admit that I managed the 50 shades trilogy in 2012, but I was on holiday and only had 2 kids then....

So my favourite fiction book of this year has to be 'The Sory of The Little Mole Who Knew It Was None of His Business'


Yes folks show your pity now, I'm a 37 year old woman who's best read this year has been a book about poo! All different types of poo mind you, from lots of animals, it's like a murder mystery but without any murder! And it's very informative!

Now movies that's a different matter, see I can work and watch movies at the same time so I've managed quite a few this year but after much deliberation I've had to pick the one that made me laugh out loud the most. I mean real belly laughs, and that is 'Old Dogs'.

Credit Wikipedia


Robin Williams and John Travolta play two confirmed batchelors who end up in charge of Dan's (Williams) 6 year old twins . Much hilarity in a somewhat cringeworthy and slapstick style ensues with one mix up and misunderstanding after another. To be honest I'm not sure the movie was a great box office success and it's not exactly plot heavy but it's a brilliantly funny easy watch. Williams and Travolta show the pitfalls of becoming 'more mature' with flair and humour, we've watched this twice now and found it laugh out loud funny, maybe it's because we're feeling old, or maybe it's the comic timing of Williams and the rubber faced funny of Travolta. Whatever it it, it's well worth a watch.

So what would make your list?





  1. That's such a hard question to answer. I guess my favourite book is IT by Stephen King - the characters and history in that book is incredible. As for a film I will go for True Romance!

    1. Love true romance! And IT and Duma Key are the only books to have ever made me physically recoil in fear Mr King is a master scarer!!

  2. My favourite movies have to be Escape Plan and Red 2. Great movies!
    Happy New Year! :) x