Monday, 1 December 2014

My Biggest Littlie Is Six!

Six years ago I had been through a very long 'latent labour' (hateful term) and then a rather uneventful 8 hours from water breaking to having you in my arms! I can vividly remember My first thoughts being 'oh you're here'! Infact for quite a few weeks I felt a bit like you weren't really mine and someone would tell me it had all been a muddle. And then the fierce animalistic protection and love hit me like a bolt and my little peanut I can tell you with no doubt I will always fight for you I will stand up for you and protect you and support you FOREVER! I will champion you in whatever path you decide upon and I will always try to make the best choices for you and with you.


You are kind, caring, sharing, brilliantly clever, fabulously funny and passionately emotional (Im afraid the emotions come from me!) we have learned lots together and you teach me everyday how to be the best parent I can, although I realise that some days both of us being 'led by our emotions' can make for frustrating times we are always happy to hug it out.


I love how much you like to help others learn and how you look after people and your little shows always make me smile you certainly have a theatrical streak! You are a brilliant story teller and give absolutely amazing hugs you fill my heart with pride and I love to watch you grow and learn and as sad as it makes me that you are growing and learning so quickly it's is a joy to watch the amazing person you are develop every day into more and more amazing things! You are a star and I'm proud privileged and grateful to have been blessed with you

Happy birthday my crazy little nut








  1. aww happy birthday big girl!! i love love love your message to her! hope she had a great day xx

  2. Beautiful post - so much love reflected in it. Hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday x