Monday, 29 December 2014

A Break From Blogging

Over Christmas I've had a break from blogging and it's made me really think about things. I love blogging, I love to write and I love to share my opinions of stuff that could be useful to other parents. But...

I've enjoyed not being plugged into a screen so much, and I've realised that I've spent so much time writing reviews that my draft posts about family life, parenting and general mummy mumblings have piled up and remain unfinished. I've begun to question the way in which I blog, see it's easy to quickly do some promotion around social media while I'm with the kids as iPhones make it easy, but then I'm not really concentrating 100% on enjoying my children or concentrating on blogging. If I work while they sleep then I'm sacrificing time with my husband or housework time. So what's the answer? How do I get back the balance of reviews and MY writing whilst still earning a living from my blog, enjoying my family and keeping a house?

No seriously that's an actual question for any of you bloggers out there how do you do it?


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  1. It's tricky getting the balance right isn't it! I blog while they are at school or in the evening when they're in bed. Sometimes I do feel bad on hubby so we make sure we have a couple of nights a week where no computers are allowed.

    Sometimes I need to blog straight away and have no option but to do it when children are around - they understand though and know we will do something fun when I'm done.