Saturday, 29 November 2014

Planning for Guests

So its nearly time, Smelf and Snowflake will be here in just a few days so I have started my list of things they can do, so here are our first ten  ...

  1. Deliver the advent calenders
  2. Make a North Pole Breakfast for Peanut's birthday
  3. Make cookies for birthday tea
  4. Hide in the toy box
  5.  Bring down the Christmas decorations ready fir
  6. Have a snowball fight (with toilet roll snow balls)
  7. Leave out a scavenger hunt for the kids
  8. Wrap the living room door in wrapping paer ( thanks Mama Mummy Mum )
  9. Eat all the Christmas sweets  (not really we will just hide them)
  10. Have a party in the dolls house
We have lots and lots of exciting plans for Smelf and Snowflakeand its all going to start with the appearance of a magical handcrafted elf door, which I would love toshow you a picture of but it all went a little , well, floppy! Im thinking that we may have put in too much water and so Mammy is spending her saturday evening making a new one! I shall tell you all about it next week though.

See you all in December Eeeeeeek!

Elf Escapades


  1. Almost time. Love the idea of a birthday north pole breakfast

  2. Oooooh I am SO excited! He arrives tomorrow! Eeeeek! Have a fantastic week! #ElfEscapades x

  3. Ooh - party in the doll's house. Great idea!! #ElfEscapades

  4. Your activities sound similar to mine, good old getting involved activities rather than just hiding every day. We eat all the sweets and blame it on the elf haha!

  5. Love all of your ideas, so far I only have the first three days in mind, not sure how creative I will be! #elfescapades