Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Top Three Healthy Habits

You may have been following my progress on my #Mummymakeover, I won't lie sometimes it's been tough going but I'm really striving to make changes and lead a healthier lifestyle. Now I am by no means an expert but these are the top three healthy habits that have helped me so far...


Seriously it's free, it's really good for your health and your mind. Walking gives you time to have peace and calm, and quiet in your head (all parents know exactly what I mean) and I can do it with my termite in her pram. So I walk A LOT. Everyday I just walk, not thinking about the list of things to do, or the housework, not always with purpose, just enjoying the fresh air, the scenery and the peace. The only things you need are suitable, weather appropriate, clothes, and comfortable shoes, Et voila free healthy exercise at your own pace.

Eat Less Rubbish

I know it sounds so simple. But really truly I eat junk food sometimes just because it's there! So I've started menu planning, from this I write a shopping list and then stick to it. If I don't have rubbish in the house then I won't eat it. Simple yet effective, simply leave it in the supermarket especially if like me you have no will power, self control or an "off button".

This is a big important tip, yet sometimes harder than any type of exercise especially if you are parent to young people. I have learned that sleep is more important than a sparkling floor, more important than the perfect craft project and sometimes more important than finishing that blog post! Let me tell you something you may well know already, not all babies sleep, actually some children don't sleep! I have friends who's children wake at 5am every day! If you are a parent who's little angel wakes regulararly irregularly or super early then here is my most helpful tip to feel better, healthier and more filled with energy... Treat yourself at least once a week to an early night, switch off your phone and the TV, turn off the computer and put down the dishcloth/to do list/ mop and go to bed as soon as the kids do. I promise you will notice a difference.

And a Brucey Bonus

Switch IT Off
We live in a 24/7 society and smart phones make everything easier, quicker, and more accessible but do you ever think about how much time you spend on your phone? Honestly truly are you doing phone things whilst talking to your spouse or your friends or your kids? I'm not judging and if I'm honest I'm guilty of all of the above, in my defence if I don't do something as soon as I think of it then I will forget completely so my phone makes things happen! But I read recently a tip to help you feel more peaceful and calm..... Turn off your phone for 2 hours every day, just turn it off and then really take notice of what's happening around you. It will make you feel calmer, happier and less put upon, honestly if it's off then you won't know that someone thinks you should tell them immediately what you think of their customer service, or that you have £3.5m awaiting you in the FBI headquarters and you know what, you will stop caring too! Peace calm and happiness will be yours.

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