Saturday, 22 November 2014

Let Me Introduce Smelf and Snowflake

It's most definitely getting closer! We've just counted down the sleeps until our Elf arrives. TEN MORE SLEEPS!!!

So I thought I had best introduce (or re-introduce, to those of you who met him last year) Smelf our Elf on the Shelf, and this year he has been joined by Snowflake.

This is Smelf


And this is Snowflake

Smelf is a sweetie loving bundle of mischief, so Snowflake has been dispatched from Santa's workshop to keep him on the straight and narrow!

Last year Smelf got up to lots of fun things you can read some of his diary here




Elf Escapades



  1. Very pleased to meet you both. Looking forward to some #ElfEscapes

  2. Nice to meet you Smelf and Snowflake, it sounds like you are going to get up to lots of fun!

  3. Nice to meet u both ill introduce freddie when he come home x

  4. Lovely!!! Where do you buy these from? :) xx

  5. Smelf must come from the same family as my elf buddy, they look rather similar ;)