Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Halloween Movie Night with Florida4less

Would I like to celebrate Halloween with Florida4Less?

I will admit secretly I was hoping to say yes to some of their super good value for money holidays, hopping on a plane and trick or treating with Mickey! But a box full of halloween party supplies was a good compromise.

With much excitement my kids ripped open the box and had a rummage inside to find loads of sweeties, decorations and DVDs with popcorn and a pumpkin carving kit.

We set off for stage one of our night to our Godmothers house for a wee party with themed food, we made 'worms and dogs' and pumkin carving, after the fun was had there we headed of to watch our DVD's and eat some candy. Its been a very busy day and I'm sad (this is a lie I was overjoyed!) to say the kids fell asleep and there was nothing left to do but eat some goodies and watch the movies in peace! Don't worry though there was plenty left and the DVDs are set to bring lots of hours of fun.


We've had a fab time and want to say thanks to Florida4less for our brill Halloween Movie night, next year maybe we will send you pictures from Disneyland. Now where is Spartacus' credit card....




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