Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide - Travel Themed

As you know we love love love to take holidays and visit new places so I thought a nice travel related gift guide would be a fab idea, now then if I was going to have a great big super splurge travel gift then One of these cruises from the UK would be a dream, Now I must tell you this is not something my 20 year old self imagined thinking! But spending 2 weeks seeing a host of different places whilst lapping up the luxury of a Cruise ship sounds blissful to me. So if Santa wanted to send me round the Canaries I'd be sure to leave him an extra mince pie on a Christmas Eve. But for a less expensive travel related gift check out my top 3 picks...Travel OrganiserI love this travel wallet by Disaster designs, it has space for everything and is so pretty. A little luxurious at £27.50 but it will last for years and years.

Travel Journal

I love this Luckies - Travelogue it comes with scratch off maps and lots of pages to record your travels and adventures and it's filled with travel tips too. I will be most impressed with one of these under my tree and a bargain at only £12.99


Mia Tui Minnie Amelie This is THE perfect bag for travelling! You can read our full review here (coming very soon). But this bag was all I needed to get 5 of us through a flight that's nappies, wipes, tickets, passports, money, change of clothes, entertainment, food drinks, medicines and sweeties! Fits perfectly under the seat and is full of handy pockets compartments and pouches. It is the only bag you will need so is £55 truly well spend.

Minnie Amelie Aubergine




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